Easy Ways To Reset Your Messed Up Sleep Cycle During The Lockdown Phase

While the global pandemic coronavirus has been affecting people’s lives with its dangerous effects, the lockdown has left people in a boring situation at home. Although everyone loved it at first, it became a punishment for everyone after some days and people are now finding it hard to cope up with this entire situation.

The coronavirus fear has already created much panic and anxiety all over the world which not only affected people physically but mentally also and along with many things, their sleep cycle has also been messed up.

However, here are 5 effective ways which can help you amid this situation.

  • Eat Healthy but Light Food in Dinner

Food is something which makes most of the people happy but while you taking your dinner you have to keep in mind that it will be related to your internal body clock, as well as sleeping pattern. So, you should avoid eating inflammatory food for dinner as that might become a reason for the imbalance in the digestive tract and can be a disturbance for your sleep. So for dinner, you can have eggs, oats, beans, etc alongside juices too which can help you to have sound sleep.

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  • News is Strict a NO at Night

In this crunch situation, every news channel or newspaper has been showing the news on this virus only. The dreadful coronavirus has already taken the lives of many and people are in fear too. In this time, if you read the news before going to sleep, it wouldn’t give you peace and instead, you will be in anxiety which can harm your sleep as well. You can probably watch some comic or motivational videos that would calm your mind and help you with sleeping as well.

  • Don’t Work Sitting on Your Bed

As the people are in the lockdown state, their works are certainly not and every company has supported the ‘work from home’ thing for their employee amid this serious time.

Since you are at home and you would want to work from the comfort of your bed but that certainly wouldn’t feel good as it will lead you to feel more lethargic. To avoid this situation, make a work area with all the essential work-related items certainly help you to stay motivated during this phase.

  • Square Breathing

Several people have several hobbies, while some watch movies before their sleep, some listens to music whereas some read books. However, square breathing is one of the tricks to get better sleep. You just have to inhale for at least four seconds, hold for another four seconds, and exhale in the next four seconds and this process helps you to fall asleep much quicker.

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  • Use Your Phone To Get Better Sleep

Phones are something without which we can’t live probably. Apart from addicting social media apps, phones come up with various other apps like meditation apps or reading apps. To ensure a good sleep at night, you might listen to soothing music or open a meditation app instead of wasting time on social media. Listening any soothing music will help you to have better sleep.

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