Why China Prefers To Stay Away From Social Media?

Why China Prefers To Stay Away From Social Media?
Why China Prefers To Stay Away From Social Media

Facebook and Google, both are the superlative giants in their own platforms. Both have expanded their kingdom almost across the entire world as they have billions of active users under their cover. Social media and serving browsers have literally brought the entire world within our reach. Google starts flashing millions of data and information as soon as you type something. Facebook has reunited so many long lost friends. In short both Google & Facebook along with other social media alternatives doing their best to bond people for business, personal or for other good purposes. While most of the world has accepted them with their open arms, there are few who have deprived themselves of them. China happens to be the topper in this respect. China has banned both Facebook and Google for years now.

This issue seriously deserves some investigation. Why China has remained so rigid about this ban and restriction of social media? Here we have done our bit of research and investigation.

Initially when Google and Facebook were banned outrage broke in China. The government was being repeatedly questioned for implementing this step. Censorship and secrecy are the prime concerns of the government and are portrayed to be the primary reasons for the ban.

Facebook Restricted

Like every other invention, social media too has its own pros and cons. In recent times, social media is widely blamed for sensationalising of certain news, political and social issues. This has turned out to be a threat to the national security policy. In 2009 Xinjiang province was hit by riots. People started using Facebook to raise their voices and this actually worsened the entire situation to a great extent. Rumours started to spread like a fire. China is also concerned about every individual. If any content is responsible for the disruption of the security of people, then China will take immediate steps. Thus Facebook was banned for spreading hostility.

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Ban on Google

Now, this has an interesting story. Google started a search engine following the guidelines issued by the Chinese government. It was going fine. Then suddenly in 2010 cyber-attack happened. As a result, the accounts of many Chinese activists were hacked. They raised their voices. The government was concerned about the privacy of the citizens. Their secrecy was at stake. This was immediately followed by a rebel. Thus the government instantly banned Google.

Soon this ban was also imposed on WhatsApp, which was a parallel Facebook product. Due to the imposed ban on Facebook, the censors were badly impacted. These resulted in the interruption of distribution of photos, videos and media files. Only messages could be sent. But again that was also temporary. The government was unable to access personal information because of end to end encryption. But soon they find a provision to block the sending of messages.

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Thus most of the common and popular social media platforms are barred from operating in China. Censorship and privacy are primarily the reasons behind such banishment. It helps to maintain integrity and peace among the people.

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