Things to do in Houston: A Guide for a Tourist in Houston

The House of Space Center, Museums ,Food and Fun

Things to do in Houston: A Guide for a Tourist in Houston
Things to do in Houston: A Guide for a Tourist in Houston

In 1836 General Sam Houston defeated Mexico in the battle of San Jacinto. Thus Texas gained independence. Now, there is no more reason to understand that Houston is named after Sam Houston. The fourth most populous and the largest city of North America is a home for interesting sights and loads of activities. If you are here for a business trip, office tour or looking out for an exciting weekend trip – this is the perfect place which has all the options of shopping, dining, activities and various fun experiences. This is definitely a family-friendly place and you will never feel out of moves or shortage of activities, entertainment or excitement. There is always room for everyone. Here are some best things to do in Houston. Keep reading to find out best things to do in Houston.

Due to its proximity towards the Space centre as well the training centre of NASA, Houston has turned out to be a tourist capital for quite a long time. Other than these, the fascinating museums, charming green zones along with the bayou that crosses the heart of the city makes Houston interesting for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Houston happens to be an interesting weekend gateway for the natives because of its easy connectivity because of the regular flight connectivity. Check the details of the interesting points before you jump to begin your exploration journey.

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1. Prime Attraction Space Center Houston

If you are in Houston, you must not miss the chance of this fascinating as well as globally popular centre. It happens to be the most popular tourist attraction and it also houses artefacts numbering over 400. Again, if you are a science enthusiast, then this is a chance for you to explore the life of a space scientist and to gain some knowledge about the researches and activities of NASA. Because of the obvious reasons, this centre covers a huge area. AS you walk around it, you will come across the replica of space shuttle named Independence. It also has the career craft and is mounted on it.
This tour inside the centre is a lifetime achievement both for the kids as well as the grownups. You have a chance to touch the rock from the moon, which is like a dream. Then explore inside Skylab, the first space station of America. We are all are fascinated to know the interior of a spacecraft and how astronauts spend days after days inside the spaceship. Well, make your way to Johnson Space Center, which is the abode of mission control. There is an easy and quick demonstration of how astronauts are trained for a space mission. Also, grab a look of the original rockets in the Rocket Park.

If you are interested to unfold more chapters of NASA, then you can enrol yourself for LEVEL 9 tour where you can closely observe buoyancy as well as simulation labs and ISS Mission Control.
You can sign up for NASA’s Space Center Houston and City Sightseeing Tour that includes the admission charges to the Space Center and clubs up with a complimentary one and half an hour open bus trip to the important sights in the city. This can be a good choice and pocket-friendly as well.

2. Museum Districts of Houston

As the name suggests, the huge area located in the Downtown has 19 museums sprawling in this beautiful location. The best part is among 19, 11 museums offer free entry to the visitors. Limelight mainly goes to the Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural Science, and the Museum of Fine Arts. Other than these there are also Holocaust Museum, Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Menil Collection, etc. In the same area, also they have the beautiful Hermann Park, Miller Outdoor Zone and Zoo.

• Kid’s Special Children Museum

If you have kids with you, then you must stop at this museum. The museum which was founded in the 1980s, is one of the 190 children special museums which were founded by a group of parents for the betterment of children and for better development at early stages. The museum offers various interactive sessions and exhibits exploring the various domains of education. This includes history, science, technology, culture.

• Museum of Natural Science

Natural Science Museum of Houston is best known for its amazing collection of models of space stations, mineral specimens and skeletons. The museum also has a planetarium. Founded in the year 1909, this museum is quite popular in North America and has a generous number of visitors every day. It has the skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Remember Jurassic Park? Well, this is an experience to see such a giant skeleton from close-up.

• Hermann Park

The park lies in the borders of the neighbourhoods of various cities, local institutions and universities. The soothing greenery of the spaces is a relief for everyone residing amidst the skyscraper-studded buildings of the city. The greenery and amenities are appealing for people belonging to different age groups. It has playgrounds, pavilions and picnic areas for family outings gardens, lakes and golf course. There are rail ride, pedal boats and trails for the children.
Miller Outdoor Amphitheatre is also located in the close proximity of the park. This is popular as a venue meant for various entertainments like movies, cultural presentations, musical performances and many more.

3. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Welcome to the fun-filled biggest carnival of the city. In the month of February or March, the whole city celebrates this 19 days long event. You can plan your Houston trip considering the dates of this biggest event. Your entire family will feel happy to be part of this event. There are games and carnival rides on the grounds. The celebration always remains incomplete without food. Thus there are numerous food stalls as well.

For attending the Rodeo event, you need to purchase tickets. The cowboys showcase their skills and in the evenings, music performances are there. You will come across many popular names from the music world performing in the rodeo show.

4. Sports

Added to all the events and interesting spots Houston has much to offer to any sports lover. There are plenty of options for them. Whether it is football, basketball, soccer or baseball, the city considers each of them seriously. It is the home ground for Houston Texans, Houston Rockets, /Houston Dynamos and many others.

The food scenario of Houston is also pretty alluring. Houston is the home of many chefs and their culinary skills have raised the rank of Houston in the culinary map of the USA. Houston offers you wide taste varieties ranging from local delights to Latin American, Mexican and culinary excerpts of various cultures.

Here goes the comprehensive study of Houston’s visit. Food, exhibitions, museums, sports and other fun-filled activities make Houston an appropriate tourist hangout.

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Things to do in Boston: A Guide for a Tourist in Boston

Things to do in Boston: A Guide for a Tourist in Boston

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