10 Mind-Blowing Facts Of The Tom Cruise Franchise

10 Mind-Blowing Facts Of The Tom Cruise Franchise
10 Mind-Blowing Facts Of The Tom Cruise Franchise

It has been a little over two decades since we are introduced to the Mission: Impossible franchise. And became a fan of the ever-charming, action-packed star, Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. The newest addition to the Mission: Impossible series can be expected in 2022. To mark the silver jubilee of the MI franchise, let’s dig into the 10 coolest and mind-numbing behind-the-lens facts.

The Competing Scripts of Davie Koep and Robert Towne

Tom Cruise in his production business with Paula Wagner welcomed director, Brian De Palma. Palma hired screenwriter David Koep. Koep revealed a lot about the scripting process. He also mentioned how Robert Towne replaced him when Koep was fired. That is how two sets of competing scripts were developed.

Faceplanting During CIA Break-in

One of the tensest moments during the MI series has been the break-in to the CIA vault. Ethan Hunt was restricted from making any kind of sound or even touch the ground, lest the alarm goes off. All Cruise had was wires to suspend on. Cruise kept faceplanting and ruined the shots again and again. Finally, a simple trick of putting a pound coin in his shoes for better balance did the job.

The Impossible Score by Danny Elfman

Alan Silvestri was originally engaged fr scoring the Mission: Impossible series. But De Palma handed it over to Danny Elfman with just a few week’s timelines. Even though Elfman did not return to score the rest of the series, he laid the groundwork.

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The Approach to Martin Landau

Even though Mission: Impossible movie series is inspired by a TV series of the same name; there is nothing much common between the two. Martin Landau, who played the character of Rollin hand in the M: I Tv series, was approached to appear in the first movie sequel. In an interview with MTV, Landau disclosed that he was against the movie sequels when he and other members of the TV series were approached to appear in the movie.

The Revolutionary use of Virtual Background in M: I 2

We are often awestruck by the stunts of the actor on-screen. But some stuff just cannot be produced in real life. One of the revolutionary use of virtual background is seen in Mission: Impossible II. In the scene where Ethan Hunt steals vials from a lab from a building with a Sydney skyline in the background, the VFX artists need a standing ovation here.

The Changing Directors of Mission: Impossible III

The entire franchise of Mission: Impossible is based on several failed attempts. The first up for M: I was David Fincher. The next in the line was Joe Carnahan. Carnahan reported that he left the sequel for creative differences. After Carnahan, J.J. Abrams stepped in.

The Blow-up by Christopher McQuarrie

McQuarrie was the only director who returned to shoot a second sequel, unlike the others. In the podcast, Light the Fuse, the director shared in Ghost protocol sequel, he changed a key dynamic of the film.

The Burj Khalifa Sequence Of the Film

The franchise shares that the Burj Khalifa sequence was filmed with a clock ticking like an atom bomb. As we all know, Cruise loves to do his stunts himself. He was only supported by some wires. The crew only had a limited time to shoot the scene.

The Interpretation of The Stunt Coordinator

The scene of the Rogue nation where Ethan Hunt attempts to steal confidential information from an underwater vault is still a catchy sequence. The stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood said Tom Cruise always brings an extra layer to the stunts as he continues to act.

The 100 Skydiving Jumps for Pep by Cruise

The halo jump in the Mission: Impossible movie, Fallout, is the most watched. The single jump is composed of three distinct composite jumps. Tom Cruise was found prepping for the single scene for over a 100 times.

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