Covid-19: Normal Life Can’t Resume Before 2021?

Covid-19: Normal Life Can’t Resume Before 2021?
Covid-19: Normal Life Can’t Resume Before 2021?

The entire world is currently fighting against the global pandemic novel coronavirus which has brought the whole world into a standstill. The virus has not only been taking people’s lives but it has been affecting them in every way possible – be it physically or mentally.

While every event has been pushed back or postponed because of this, several companies have been cutting off their employees too. However, the President of the Federation of American Scientists, an American Non-Profit Organisation, has revealed that most countries across the globe couldn’t resume a normal life until 2021.

Status Of Education In the Light Of Corona Pandemic

Dr Ali Nouri, a microbiologist and a virologist, recently shared in an interview with the Daily Mail that as most of the developed countries have failed miserably in front of this virus, they will face extreme difficulties to make the situation under control as the virus has been affecting people rapidly.

The USA is far more in danger than India?

He further added that this lockdown all over the world should have to run at least till May, or in some countries, especially in the USA, even until June as well. They have not been able to flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus and they are far more in danger compared to India despite being faced a number of challenges including equipment shortages and other essential things.

India is currently in a 21-day lockdown. Despite facing some issues in some places, it has been implemented seriously as in the population of 1.3 billion people, there are 5000 positive cases reported so far. On the other hand, the USA has nearly about 330 million people and the reported people are more than 400,000.

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However, the Chinese state authorities have lifted their lockdown, including Wuhan. But, the residents of Wuhan are still staying at home and maintaining their self-quarantine.

They are doing so because, there has been news that a number of people reported of re-infections, where the people who had recovered from the virus, are testing positive once again. And the second reason is any contagion that can spread this rapidly, can only be stopped through strong immunity, or when most of the people are immunised from the virus.

More Than 1 Million IT Professionals Might Lose Jobs Due To COVID-19

For this, a vaccine is needed but in this case, it will take huge time according to Dr Nouri’s estimate. However, a number of vaccines have been in the process of making by the doctors, scientists and medical authorities around the world. As of now social distancing and staying at home are the best options to not getting affected by the virus.

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