Wat-Not is one of the fast-growing digital media platforms that talks about everything, well almost! We mostly deal with lifestyle and hence our stories revolve around the same. From fashion to health, from entertainment to travel, you can find everything here at wat-not. We operate a global online platform, headquartered at Indore, India. The idea is to disseminate valuable life-changing information to hundreds of millions of people globally.

We deliver information relevant to your life in clear, jargon-free language. Our primary focus is to help you get to provide your everyday life better by publishing content that will soothe your mind. Hence, our editor focuses on light-hearted content involving the entertainment industry and travel. This may relax you for a while from a hectic schedule. You get to know about budget traveling from us! A weekend gateway, or a foreign trip- we are happy to help! Our in house fashion stylist keeps an eye on the latest trend so that you get party-ready in no time!

Since the focus is to improve the lifestyle, we work in the health sector as well. Our health-related content is designed to help you become hale and hearty even when you are squeezed in between office and family. The recipes- easy and simple- are suggested by our dietitian. We talk about simply anything and everything that puts health into context in peoples’ lives. Insights from the real world, experts are highlights of our work.

Wat-not, in short, works to solve all the allied problems that stop you from living life at the fullest. We thrive to make our name worthwhile, and that’s why we cover everything and ‘wat-not’!