Duke and Duchess of Sussex Campaigning for COVID Relief Fund

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Campaigning for COVID Relief Fund
Duke and Duchess of Sussex Campaigning for COVID Relief Fund

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are found urging citizens to come forward. To mark their son, Archie’s birthday, the Royal couple is asking for a donation to support COVID-19 vaccines. Their baby boy’s second birthday was on 6th May 2021. The couple is waiting to welcome their baby girl due this summer.

The Act of Kindness

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to the USA after resigning from their Royal duties. Last year they resettled in San Francisco, California. Even between a tough time, the Royal couple did not falter to set yet another example. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrated their son, Archie birthday for a noble cause. Amid the raving pandemic, where a lot has been deprived of vaccination. The couple is trying their best to spread awareness. They urged their fans to donate for the COVID-19 vaccination. The initiative by the Royal couple would benefit the people despite their wealth.

The Archewell Non-Profit Organization

On the website of Archewell Non-Profit Organization, the couple shared a note. The note caused the later phases of the campaigning. The Royal couple informed about their collaboration with the Global Citizen and Gavi. The vaccine alliance then supported the idea of vaccine equity. In the note, they mentioned that the world is in the process of healing. They did not forget to highlight, “While some places are on the verge of healing, in so many parts of the world, communities continue to suffer.”

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The Covid-19 Vaccination

The newest initiative by the Royal couple, undoubtedly, would help a million. It has been emphasized that almost 80% of the vaccines were taken. And taken by comparatively wealthier states. They added, “In developing countries vaccine distribution is yet to start.” Harry and Markle emphasized it would be impossible to recover completely from the pandemic until every last one of us is vaccinated. What they meant, was equal access to vaccines regardless of one’s financial status and circumstances. Apart from the Covid-19 vaccine donation, the couple also shared their son Archie’s photo. The little one is seen holding a bunch of balloons and looking up.

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