10 Least Known Controversies of Cristiano Ronaldo

10 Least Known Controversies of Cristiano Ronaldo
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Well, celebrities and controversies go hand-in-hand. Cristiano Ronaldo is not out of the paradigm. The famous CR7 has as many haters and as many lovers in his life. This is the very same reason, why an athlete’s life will be filled with rumours and hatred.

A celebrity’s personal life story becomes a great event in front of the world. CR7 too is in a trap of rumours. Let us give you 10 Infamous controversies Cristiano Ronaldo is lured with.

  • “Biological Mother” of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr

It was in the news that Cristiano Ronaldo was indulged in a one-night stand with a 20-year-old girl. The news spread like fire and everybody went crazy about the fact. She then stated that she was the biological mother to Cristiano Ronaldo’s child. She also demanded £10milllion. Also, she used to call CR7 frequently begging him to take the child and to accept the child and the truth that she is the biological mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s child.

It was also in the air that, she had dropped out of college for the amount she demanded from CR7 and also wanted to have the child back. The report then said that her friends and family have expressed about her remaining depressed and also that she regretted taking such decisions. Later, Cristiano Ronaldo is said to have called her back and offering the child back to her in exchange for some amount.

  • Cristiano was arrested for raping a woman in 2005

One of the most dangerous controversies was Ronaldo was accused of raping a woman back in 2005. The girl claimed that Ronaldo raped her in a hotel in Central London before his arrest just three weeks before. She also added that, before she was raped, Ronaldo met her and her friend in a nightclub.

Ronaldo did not accept the allegation of raping a woman. Later, the lack of evidence made the police set him free, and also the allegations were dropped. By this news, later on, other investigations, similar sexual misconduct charges came up against various footballers.

  • Ronaldo donated $8 million for Nepal Earthquake

In a French magazine, it was published that Ronaldo had donated 8 million dollars to the Nepal Earthquake victims. But they were not sure if it was true. Cristiano tweeted for the Nepal Earthquake survivors. The caption read “Save the Children”, and the post asked his fans to donate whatever amount they can donate for the survivors of the earthquake. He never did any donations for the calamity; he was though indulged into awareness programs for the same.

  • Ronaldo commented on the relationship with MSN which was controversial

Among other controversies, this too made a round of news as was highly controversial. Ronaldo always loved travelling, and he loved doing so alone. He stated that he was never jealous about the MSN trio friendship, but he always prioritized travelling alone. He also added that he had good bonding with the players but that does not imply that he will not be on his own. Ronaldo is known as an introvert. He does not gel up with his friends in much but does respect them. Reports claimed that Ronaldo made statements like, he did not give any importance to friendships and bonding, and his only wish is to play well till the end of his career.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo questioned the standards of Real Madrid teammates in 2016, February 27

It seems normal to question the surroundings one has, as the individual is supposed to deal with them. CR7 is not out of questioning his surroundings. Cristiano quoted, “If the whole team were at my level, we’d be first”. This sparked the ego in Real Madrid and also in the news. According to the teammates and fans and the sports fraternity, it was rude, and this was the very reason for the controversy to spark up.

  • Cristiano was in a Gay Affair with Moroccan Boxer, Badr Hari

 A rumour sparked that Ronaldo was involved in a Gay affair with Moroccan boxer, Badr Hari. Fans across the globe were fascinated by the fact of Ronaldo being gay. People started believing the news and bang! The news came out to be fake and all the claims were later dropped.

  • Wayne Rooney’s red card controversy during the 2006 FIFA World Cup Quarter Final

 Wayne Rooney did not want Cristiano and the team to qualify for the World Cup finals. This sparked one of the biggest controversies in the sports fraternity. Sources have reported that, when the two countries met, the English forward received the red card.

  • 30th Birthday Party and the much-awaited controversy

 Reports say that Ronaldo could not enjoy his 30th birthday party. It was because, just before his birthday, his team lost a match. And, the birthday planning was pre-planned and happened within no time. Even after, Real Madrid lost La Liga, he was bound to celebrate his birthday because it was nearly planned a month ago. His friends and family flew from different countries to celebrate his birthday.

  • Ronaldo slammed Iceland on 2016 Euro

         Eur 2016 Tuesday match was 1-1, it was a draw match, and Portugal was frustrated after the result with Iceland. Iceland enjoyed their first incoming in the tournament. They have been the smallest nation that qualified for the European Championship. Ronaldo was frustrated that Iceland won the match and was quite annoyed with the result. He came into controversies because he criticized them for winning the match. This became a huge ruckus and sparked fuel.

So, here were the 10 controversies of Cristiano Ronaldo. We know the controversies kept you in shock!!

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