Dr. Fauci Warns the US will see a ‘Surge Upon a Surge’ of COVID Cases

Dr. Fauci Warns the US will see a ‘Surge Upon a Surge’ of COVID Cases
Dr. Fauci Warns the US will see a ‘Surge Upon a Surge’ of COVID Cases

Fauci is not celebrating Christmas this year as Covid risk is going high. It is alarming at the moment and has warned Americans not to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Causing Greater Risk

The coronavirus is spreading like anything and is alarming at this moment. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci has himself warned his countrymen not to indulge in any sort of mass gathering in the name of Celebrating Christmas as could be highly risky for the upcoming days. Corona Virus is right now a threat to the world.

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Christmas to New Year

An extended celebration from Christmas through Hanukkah to New Year will determine the future of the Medical Scenario of the country. If restrictions will not be followed, it might take dangerous turns, says Fauci. Celebrations would include Travellings and huge mass gatherings which is enough for the situation to get deteriorated. Fauci had gravely said these in the Milken Institute’s Future of Health Summit on Monday.

Fauci to not celebrate Christmas

While warning the Americans about the high risk of the celebrations right at this moment, he said that he would not celebrate Christmas with his family for the first time in 30 years. 24th December, i.e, Christmas Eve, happens to be Fauci’s 80th birthday. The Fauci family has planned to celebrate Fauci’s 80th Birthday through Zoom call. With this Fauci added, if Christmas is celebrated then the risk will rise two to three times than now. And this could preferably call for another severe lockdown or upsurge of the virus.

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Infections from modest-sized gatherings

Dr Fauci has alarmingly warned that the Modest Sized Gatherings is the key for the virus to spread. The small gathering of family and friends could lead to huge risks. Americans should be very careful for the coming weeks, he added.

Covid Numbers increasing

Fauci is warning the Americans gravely as Christmas is yet to come but the cases are increasing and the hospitalization procedures are becoming way more difficult. America is adding more than 196,000 cases each since the fall of last week, and as the weather is cooler now, the cases are going high, and are sustaining for a longer period.

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Vaccine Shots

The United States is preparing for the vaccines to be deployed as early as possible across the country. Fauci said that he was initially confident and the deployment of millions of vaccines would work out. He stated that, once the Vaccines are deployed to the localities and other states, the shots of vaccines will be given but not all areas will be equally ready for the task.

No Lifelong Immunity

Fauci praises that the vaccine developments are going on appreciably, but he is not expecting that the vaccine shot would give Lifelong Immunity to the recipients. He added that additional shots of vaccines might be in requirements. He also stated that he is not sure how often the recipients would need the shots. The ones who have been earlier treated with Covid-19 might need the vaccines too.

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He confidently said that America could fight back the outbreak of the coronavirus if 75% to 85% of people are vaccinated.

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