IO Games: Most Popular .io Games for Multiplayer Browser Gaming

.io games are real-time multiplayer games in which the real-time battles take place in the arena.

IO Games : Most Popular IO Games for Multiplayer Browser Gaming
Most Popular IO Games for Multiplayer Browser Gaming

Did you know the first ever .io game,, have been created by a Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares in 2015? This game instantly became a hot cake among the gamers. It was a simple yet addictive game.

The success of game was just the first drop of rain, inspiring creative developers to create amazing .io games.

Wondering what are io games?

.io games are real-time multiplayer games in which the real-time battles take place in the arena.  To earn points and grow, a player needs to kill or consume other players.

Since the release of the first .io game-, hundreds of .io games have been developed and released. Interestingly, many of them have broken several records such as  According to an estimate, during its peak, the game generated an average $100,000 worth per day.

Best .io Games for 2019

Are you looking for most popular .io games to have an unlimited adventure? Your search ends here. After deep research, we have compiled a list of best .io games to play in 2019.

1. is a strategy game. In this game, players are armed with a sword to destroy all other opponents around. Moreover, you need to strengthen your sword by picking up colored blobs.

You have to develop smart strategies in order to kill other opponents, especially the top scorers. Once you kill or destroy an opponent, you can power up your sword by picking up their dead remains.

2. is the best game for those who can play games for a long time in one go. It is a tower defense game where you need to build your own base and defend it from zombies.

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Interestingly, the strength of zombies increases gradually, having you upgrade your weapons. For prolonged defense, it also needs to upgrade walls. If you like playing games with friends, is the best pick as it allows you to team up with other players.

3. is the father of all .io games as all the fuss started after the release of this addictive game. In this game, the players need to play as a circle, aiming to absorb other circles of small size in order to grow mass.

When you start, you are supposed to target non-player circles or newly spawned players. Once you grow, you can target other bigger players. You need to be a sharp-minded strategist to play this game.


Are you a “Pirates of the Caribbean” fan? Well, is for you. Wondering why? Because it enables you to become a pirate, eliminate other pirates, grow in size, and rule your own island kingdom.

To grow, you also need to collect the coins while roaming around. If you manage to survive longer, you’ll be able to discover and explore new islands. has much more for you than any other .io games including unlimited power and a number of new characters.

5. is a creative game that helps you get rid of your stress. In this game, you have to build your own paper empire. The aim is to expand your empire using your paper color.

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In this game, a number of players try to expand their paper empires. So, you can eliminate them by destroying their incomplete sections. However, the game requires you to keep an eye on your boundaries. Else, you may eliminate yourself by running into your own trail.

6. is probably the best and the most popular .io game. Its concept is similar to one of the most popular arcade games; Snakes. In this game, the players have to consume multicolored glowing balls that help them grow. Not only this, but the players can also consume other players to grow.

As per Alexa rank, site was one of the top 1,000 most visited websites in 2016. This wonderful game is also available on iOS and Android devices.


Like a modern underwater hide-n-seek game, is one of the most creative and attractive .io games.

It is is an ideal game for those gamers who love underwater adventures. This addictive game allows you to choose your favorite fish to explore the underwater world. Every single fish has different features that make the game more interesting. Later, you can switch your fish to explore different areas under the water.

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This game is not just about exploring the oceans, you have to find food for yourself. In addition, there are countless predators trying to kill you, requiring you to survive against them.

Final words

Above is the list of 7 most popular .io games for multiplayer browser gaming. Give them a try and you will not regret.

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