Things to do in Nashville: A Guide for a Tourist in Nashville

Hit the Chords of Music City Nashville

Things to do in Nashville: A Guide for a Tourist in Nashville
Things to do in Nashville: A Guide for a Tourist in Nashville

Nashville is a hit without a miss for music lovers and foodies. It is better known to all for its rich culture of music and for good food. Soothing music and yummy dishes complement each other as you hit the roads of Nashville. Though Nashville as a city is pretty big still it gives you the feeling of happy go lucky old town. Music marks the foundation of the city and also serves as the string that has strengthened the bond between the city and its inhabitants. Life is truly melodious for the inhabitants of this city. Culturally enriched, the cultural, as well as the business life of the city, is even influenced by music. Keep reading to find out some best things to do in Nashville.

Glorious Past Of The City

Let’s turn a few pages of history as we brush up your knowledge about the rich past of the city. As seen in 1800, Nashville turned out to be the hub for publication of music. Fisk Jubilee singers is a group of the students from Fisk University who first started the act of world musical tour in an attempt to raise fund for their institution. The fund was used in the benefits of the slaves in the post-Civil war era.

Best things to Do in Nashville

Now let’s come back to present Nashville. Now the most valid query popping in your minds must be about the things that you are supposed to do while in this musical city. So it’s time to check out the important destinations of Nashville.

Ryman Auditorium

Beginning your journey of exploring Nashville with the old and famous Ryman auditorium which dates back to 1892. Tom Ryman named this auditorium originally as Union Gospel Tabernacle. Located at the southern part of the Ohio River, it was considered to be the biggest auditorium and has attracted musicians and music lovers from all parts of the world. Fondly it is called “Carnegie Hall of the South”. The first musical event was performed by the Fisk singers and later on it was renamed as the Ryman Auditorium, in the memory of Tom Ryman in 1904. Now this historic edifice is used for public rallies, political events, so on and so forth. This place is the silent witness of the greatest entertainment events and has seen performing great men like Charles Chaplin.

Centennial Park & The Parthenon

Sense a piece of Greece in Nashville as you stand before the magnificent Parthenon, which is the exact replica of the actual Athenian construction. Originally it was constructed in 1897, the centennial year of the city. It was designed in order to pay homage to Athens. Now it serves the role of an art museum. It has pretty good collections of paintings from the artists belonging to the 19th and 20th century. It now hosts temporary exhibitions as well. Nashville is better known as the “Athens of the South”. Athena, 42 foot tall, stands in front of the edifice. The easy accessibility in the park throughout the day that too free of cost makes it a great place to roam around in a carefree way.

Though the majority of your time will be blocked as you walk around the Parthenon.

Grand Ole Opry

Continue your musical trip as you hit the roads of Nashville. Your second musical destination must be this Grand Ole Opry. Present, past and even the future musical icons sharing the same platform, isn’t a common thing which you can enjoy every day. This iconic venue offers you with this exceptional privilege. You can also keep an eye on the stories that happen frequently behind the curtains.

President’s House

Check out the Hermitage which was the residential building of the seventh president, Andrew Jackson. He was a man with natural leadership potentials and was quite popular among the countrymen. As you wander around his house, you can imagine the various shades of his life. As you roam around the mansion, you can also visit the burial ground of Andrew Jackson and his beloved lady as they rest side by side.

A Trip To The Zoo

If you are having children to accompany you, then what better can you ask for? The zoo is the ideal place for them where they can have unlimited fun. Nashville Zoo is well spread over 200 acres. Not only children but even the adults can have fun. It is not only about animals but also about other amusements as well. In the gym themed after a jungle, you can be like a zebra running hard. You can also be like a tiger and can swing like a gibbon if you want so.

Taste World-Class Music

Let’s again turn our heads towards music. If this is your first time in Nashville, then honky-tonks is your place. Revitalize your minds and soul as you explore the rows of Honky-tonks in Lower Broadway. It offers live music streaming throughout the day. You can check out a few popular and perennial tonks like Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and the trendier ones like The Valentine, Acme Feed and Seed, to name some.


A popular area adjoining the prestigious Vanderbilt University interceded among Music Row, Hillsboro, downtown and West end, Midtown, converges music folks, university students and also the business class people over the busy bars and chef’s special food corners.

Roam Around The Marathon Village

No, you are not a part of the marathon. This is basically an old car factory (Marathon Car Works) that dates back to 1900. It is redesigned for the purpose of shopping and hanging around. Varieties of foods are also available to accomplish your appetites. It is a basic one-stop entertainment destination for common people as well as a perfect hub for businessmen, artists. The glorious past of Marathon Motor works is visible in the photos.

Nashville Public Library

Nashville, its role and involvement in the civil rights movement, is elaborately illustrated in the second floor of the library. Strong photos and videos are worthy of a watch to understand the history of America. When you are trying to explore a place completely then it’s good to check the history. It will enhance the significance of the trip to a different level.

Explore the best places of Nashville while you groove in the tunes of the music and beauty of the city. Nashville is a thoroughly entertaining travel destination that will keep you engaged and assure you with an exciting holiday trip with friends and family. If you are an ardent admirer of liquor then Nashville is an excellent choice as you explore various distilleries. Nashville is a perfect combo of history and modern amusements.

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