Things to do in Las Vegas: A Guide for a Tourist in Las Vegas

Groove Away in the “Sin City” Las Vegas

Things to do in Las Vegas: A Guide for a Tourist in Las Vegas
Things to do in Las Vegas: A Guide for a Tourist in Las Vegas

Well, as you chant Las Vegas silently, your mind screams out “Welcome to Sin City”. and rants with the mingling of coins. In your dreams, you will be frequently roaming around the grand casinos with the hope of making a fortune for once and all. But there are loads of other things to do in the much happening Las Vegas. Be with your family, kids or friends-Vegas always has its own signature style and assures a rocking welcome to every single tourist. Nobody can never ever dream of getting bored while in grand Vegas. Your days will fall short if you are planning to visit Las Vegas completely. Here are some best things to do in Las Vegas.

This time get yourself rejuvenated as you explore Las Vegas with a new vision. Sin City has loads to offer you other than its gala shows, casinos, catchy neon lightings and the sumptuous buffets. Tourists are more acquainted with the glamorous sides of Sin City. But let’s try something new this time. Apart from a weekend fun destination, it can easily be a catchy tourist hub for the family as well.

Take a look at the not so discussed nooks and corners of the Sin City. Surely you and your family are going to have a worthy weekend. Below are the best things to do in Las Vegas.

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1. Caesar’s Palace

As the saying goes “Old wine in new bottle”, this palatial casino resort is a visual retreat as it remains to be one of the oldest property of the Sin City. It has remained to be part of many popular Hollywood movies and can be rightly described as the face bearer of Las Vegas.

The architectural splendour of this grand resort bears the traits of ancient Rome. Make your visit in this grand palace by spending a night at the exclusive grand villas and also you can try your luck in the royal casinos. Nobu Villa deserves special mention as it covers a huge area and comes with all ultra-modern facilities. It has played host to many celebrities. Live your life like a king, probably that’s the message Caesar’s Palace is delivering to its visitors from 1960s. As you praise the Roman artefacts, your lady luck can make you run out of cash as it’s impossible to avoid the call of the splendid shopping centre.

2. France In Midst Of Las Vegas

Don’t be amazed if you stumble across the French territory in the middle of Sin City. Las Vegas offers you the flavour of the French capital to its best. It can be an added advantage for those who have never been to France. It may not be as perfect as the original structures. But the replica offers you a miniature representation of all the important destinations from Paris. Grab a quick look at all the iconic tourist ventures of Paris. Whether it be the world-famous Eiffel Tower or the great museum of Louvre, they have combined all at one place. The remnants of Paris Opera and Arc de Triomphe- enjoy them all.

3. Explore The Venetian Canals In Las Vegas

This grand Venetian themed restaurant has remained to be one of the most chief attractions since ages. The singing boatmen of the gondolas as they steer around the turquoise blue water of the Grand Canal is a perfect representation of the Venetian backdrop. They have also completed the entire setup by settling up St Mark’s Square. It recreates the common pictures of the Venetian streets along with the living statues, stilt walkers and lots more. You can also enjoy a gondola ride with your family.

4. Taste Exquisite Wine With Love From Brazil

Well, Las Vegas is a place where you can actually enjoy the tastes of other parts of the world. Now as you are done with Europe, let’s travel towards South America as you check out this exclusive Brazilian wine cellar which is named as Rio Wine Cellar. This place is like a heaven for any wine lover. Grab the taste of some vintage liquor in this cellar as it offers you an exclusive collection of Thomas Jefferson. You can also buy and is possibly the best gift for any wine admirer.

5. Hoover Dam

Now if you are tired of the themed casinos, buffets and other familiar staffs then Hoover Dam can be a refreshing treat for you. This huge dam hovers over the Colorado River and is the result of the labour of 21000 men. The carving of the façade is as high as 726 foot. Take a guided trip along the dam or simply stroll across it as you admire the beauty of the dam.

6. MGM Casino

Well, how can Sin city miss out the flavour of the most popular entertainment industry? It can’t and so here comes the grand MGM Casino. Grand as the name and the brand it acts as the host of all mega-events. The wide ranges of programmes include gaming events as well as high profile concerts. All high rated top-rated restaurants share the same roof. If anybody wants to be the witness of the most discussed and happening nightlife of Las Vegas, then MGM is the right place.

7. Bellagio Fountains

If you a Hollywood movie buff then you may not have missed the sight of Bellagio fountains in the main square. This dancing fountain is almost synonymous with Las Vegas and credit goes to the movies. The eye-catching actions of the dancing water is a visual retreat for the passers-by and the played the fountains get set in action in every half an hour during the afternoon. From evening to midnight, this ejection time reduces to fifteen minutes.

8. Red Rock Canyon

Away from the regular hustle-bustle, this canyon is only seventeen miles away from the main city. If you are tired of the crowd, loud music and the neon billboards then drive yourself away and get some space. The way to the canyon that passes through the desert would definitely be a great choice because of the beautiful scenery. Other than the car, there are also other options to explore this place. Embark for a biking or hiking journey through the deserts. There is a little bit of statutory warning for the new hikers. Chalk out the hiking trails, otherwise, it may turn out to be the reason to worry about.

Here is a brief chronology of things to do while you are in Sin City. This is a short compilation of the popular as well as the offbeat destinations. Not in bit and pieces, instead, this will help one to know Las Vegas well. You can also be easily a part of the cheering crowd as well as you can also be the silent observer. Make your Vegas trip memorable one.

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