Things to do in Boston: A Guide for a Tourist in Boston

An Intertwined Saga of American Revolution and Present Commercial Hub

Things to do in Boston: A Guide for a Tourist in Boston
Things to do in Boston: A Guide for a Tourist in Boston

Boston is the largest and among the oldest cities in the USA. The foundation of the capital city of Massachusetts dates back to 1630. It is also the most populated city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Boston is undoubtedly a crucial chapter of American history and is the eye witness of many epic historical events. This city has paramount significance and plays a pivotal role in various renowned events of the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party, Siege of Boston and Boston Massacre are few such events. Keep reading to find out best things to do in Boston.

Few Words from the Past and Present of the City

The initial foundation of the city began from the Shawmut Peninsula. But over the years the city has expanded beyond the peninsula by land reclamation. It is a reputed centre for culture and education. Besides this, it continues to be one of the vital ports of the USA and is also an important manufacturing hub. Boston is pretty much popular among the higher education aspirants as numerous reputed colleges and universities are located here. Boston is an economically sound city and has finance, information technology and biotechnology as the basis of their economic foundation.

Well, this introduction is meant for those who are not much acquainted with Boston but are planning a trip to the city soon. This basic idea of the city will make your visit more relevant and pleasant.
Now it’s time to check the places and schedule the activities while in the city. Here are some best things to do in Boston.

Places to Visit in Boston

1. Stroll across the glorious Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail as considered to be one of the most popular tourist spots covers a length of 2.5 miles and covers the majority of the happening sites that play a key role in the foundation of USA. Major historic landmarks as many as sixteen of them are covered as you walk along the trail. The sidewalks of Boston are painted by a red coloured line that marks the trail. The sites include churches, burial grounds, and important meeting places of the American Revolution. Freedom Trail Foundation conducts several guided tours for the ease of the tourists.

You can join one such guided trip or you can simply walk singly across the trail. Every nook and corner of the street and the houses murmur the happenings of the past. Many important figures from the past used to meander across these streets. The list of the iconic figures includes George Washington, Sam Adams and Ben Franklin. The infamous Boston Massacre site too lies on this trail. The trail covers Boston Common, King’s Chapel, Park street church, Massachusetts State House, Old South Meeting House and many more. The trail will make you feel as if you are revising the chapters of the American Revolution from your history book.

2. Black Heritage Trail

Well, this trail bears quite resemblances with the famous Freedom Trail. It’s a chance for you to explore the history of the black community. It reveals the 19th as well as 20th-century history and is 1.5 miles long. It covers the Beacon Hill neighbourhood that includes fourteen landmarks. Few worth mentioning sites are African Meeting House, Robert Gould Shaw Memorial and Abiel Smith school. It also includes portions of underground railroads.

3. Grab a Bird’s eye view of Boston

If you are interested to capture the skyline view of the entire city in the frame of your eyes, then Skywalk Observatory is the right place. It provides you with an appropriate 360-degree view of the entire city as it is located in the Prudential Tower at a height of 213 metres. You can grab a quick view of the entire city along with the coastline. The audio tour is also available that explains you the history of the sight. You can put a refreshing end to your day as you enjoy the sunset from the Top of the Hub, which is a restaurant situated on the 52nd floor.

4. Fenway Park: gateway of a sports lover

Baseball happens to be one of the favourite pastimes of the majority of Americans. For a basketball lover, this park is of great significance. But even if you are not much into sports, still it is significant for you to take an insight into the history of the National pastime of America. Since 1912, this happens to be the oldest baseball ground which is still in use. Now a piece of suggestion for a baseball fan. Don’t miss the chance to watch Red Sox live. Bleacher Bar offers a vivid sight of the entire field. Have a glass of beer as you enjoy the view.

5. Boston Common

Located in the heart of the city, Boston Common and the Public Garden are quite popular among the picnickers and performers. The parks are separated away from each other by Charles Street. In the 16th century, this was pastoral ground. Later on, it was transformed into a British camp. Post-revolutionary era, the park was popular for rallies and public gatherings. Now it is best known as the oldest Public Park.

The Swan Boats, a favourite among both locals and tourists, are right in the middle of the park. The pontoon boat is being driven by a driver sits under the swan cover. You can enjoy a serene trip around the lake.

6. Boston Harbour Island

The coastline of Boston is studded with as many as 34 harbour islands. Most of the islands are open for public visit. At least visit one of them. A public ferry will help you to reach the harbour where you can spend your entire day. Go camping or simply walk around as you check the historical sites. If you are looking forward to a guided trip, Boston Harbour cruises are there for you. You can go for whale watching or for lighthouse tours or whichever you feel like going.

7. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Situated in the downtown of Boston, this place is an ancient one. It is better known as the Cradle of Liberty. This place is named after a rich colonial merchant who had donated to build the place. This was actually built for public gatherings. It hosted several political meetings and events. Watch the street performers as you stroll along the cobblestone paved walkways. It has three large markets and various eateries. Taste the local culinary delights.

Boston has many museums too. There is Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and John f Kennedy Presidential Museum. You may find them interesting as well.

Well here goes the abridged compilation of the important places and the activities that will make your stay in Boston enjoyable. Boston mingles well between its glorious past as well as present glories. Step in and out between past and present as you wander around Boston.

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