Things to do in Dallas: A Guide for a Tourist in Dallas

Explore Dallas and Keep Your To Do List Updated

Things to do in Dallas: A Guide for a Tourist in Dallas
Things to do in Dallas

Dallas, a city in Texas is the largest one of Dallas county. Located in the northern part of Texas, this contemporary metropolis is the happening commercial as well as the cultural focus of the region. Spread over the prairies of Texas, this city is situated near the junction of the forks of the Trinity River. Gentle hills, rivers, creeks, and prairies are well combined with the short spells of winter. But summer days in this region are hot and are coupled with moderate to high humidity. Followed by Houston and San Antonio, Dallas occupies the third position with respect to the population of the state. Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan areas are better known as Metroplex. Keep reading to find out some best things to do in Dallas

Dallas sings the commemorative tale of the demise of a president. Again the frozen margaritas, engaging operas, and chile con queso will steal your hearts away. It is a prime center for education, various commercial activities and arts as well. Another interesting thing about Dallas is, you can engross yourself in many things at the cost of minimum expenditure.

This cultural hub has loads to offer you. Like Dallas Art Museum welcomes every single visitor absolutely free of cost. This Museum has an impressive collection. Dallas is a pleasure for an art lover. There are quite a few museums spread over entire Dallas. Many of the museums have a minimum entry fee. Dallas offers her visitors with loads of options that make their stay in Dallas. Moreover, there are loads of things to do with minor investments. Other than museums, there are also live stand-up comedy shows, music concerts, and fun activities as well.

Here are some best things to do in Dallas

Things that make Dallas Eventful

The Famous Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza

The maximum percentage of Americans still believes that the assassination of President Kennedy was definitely a part of bigger treason. If you too share the same thought process then you must not miss this place. Lee Harvey Oswald is blacklisted in the history of America. Again 22nd November in 1963 is a black day in the history of America. On this day the bullet fired from the gun of LEE Harvey Oswald echoed the Dealey Plaza brings an end to the era of JFK. This museum narrates the life chronicles and assassination of the infamous killing of JFK.

One of the most popular and fascinating exhibits of the museum is the recreation of that particular black day in the southeast window of the museum. The details of that eventful day are displayed in detail through the touchscreen setup. Even if the museum is named as the Sixth Floor Museum, but it actually covers both sixth and seventh floors. Move towards Grassy Knoll to check the very spot where JFK was gunned down as you approach towards the JFK Memorial Plaza which only a few blocks away. The museum mainly showcases historical artifacts, news feeds and images based on that very day.

McKinney Avenue Trolley

Check out the city’s only remaining streetcar line that runs from Downtown to Uptown. This heritage streetcar line passes through some of the popular sites that include museums’ various dining desires. As many as 25 streetcars used to ran across Dallas till 1956. Post this year the streetcars are gradually replaced by the buses. McKinney Avenue offers streetcar rides at free of cost with help from Dallas Rapid Transit Authority.

Dallas Museum of Art

Gear up art lovers as it is time for your food for thought. Dates back to 1903, this one of the best and largest institutions of the country cover a huge area. At present this museum is spread across 159000 sq.ft. The museum has a separate Art Conservation Centre where you can catch up some live action. Other than this, it has conventional exhibition rooms just like any other museum. The museum has a wide collection of African Sculpture, contemporary artworks of today’s popular artists as well as decorative arts. From 2013 onwards, the museum authority took the decision of free admission for all visitors.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

This museum is the brainchild of Thom Mayne, an award winner urban planner, the creator of Morphosis. This sprawling museum is located near the Klyde Warren Park. You can’t have an idea about the vastness of the museum unless you enter it. This massive 200000 sq ft architecture held 11 exhibitions permanently round the year. The exhibitions deal with sports, dinosaurs and several other topics. All these exhibitions are meant to be a kid’s delight. But Nature and Science Museum has loads to offer to young and adults as well.

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Klyde Warren Park

There are very few public parks in Dallas that are as well maintained as Klyde Warren. Covering over five acres, this public park spreads across Woodall Rogers Freeway. It acts as a connector between Uptown and Downtown. You would love to spend a few hours amidst the greenery. The park also has jogger’s trail, fountains and dog parks as well. Other than these, it has much to offer as cultural refreshments. Daily free programs ranging from a yoga session, live concerts to a screening of movie has made this park popular among the locals as well as tourists. Food trucks parked in a single row inside the park also provide the chances to taste many delicious local foods.

Highland Park Village

Shopping is supposedly one of the favourite pastimes of the inmates of Dallas. So if you are game for it, then you must come to see the pioneer of the outdoor shopping center. It has a unique Spanish flavoured structure and houses the newest brands of luxury items. If you are tired of shopping then grab something from Bistro 31 or you can drop at the Village Theatre to watch a movie.

Dallas comes up with quite a long list of to-do things. Other than the above-mentioned places, Dallas has Dallas Aquarium, Katy Trail-which is a beautiful paved trail that stretches for three miles. White Rock Lake, Reunion Tower and many others. Dallas also a huge collection of jaw-dropping museums. The art-loving community seems to be pretty prominent in Dallas.

The list doesn’t end here. Dallas has also gained popularity amidst food lovers in recent times. The series of restaurants start from steakhouses, Asian culinary delights and ends with the bars. Good place with good food makes Dallas all the more popular. Check the cumulative list and hit the road as soon as you can.

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