Keto Coffee: Easy to Make Best Keto Coffee Recipe

Keto diet is a famous one nowadays. People who want to keep themselves fit often opt for this diet. To maintain this diet one must have a certain type of food. Keto coffee is one such beverage that helps you follow your Keto diet. This is always a healthier option than your average regular diet.
People into intermittent fasting must be familiar with this Keto butter coffee. It gives plenty of energy that helps you go through the morning hours. This helps to get through in upcoming ten plus odd hours. One who is fasting can easily drink two cups of these and fast all day. Personally, I drink 2 cups of this in the morning – fast all day – and eat at 9 pm. If you’re only using this for breakfast, and still eating lunch, then it’s not really intermittent fasting. The consumption of this drink helps in reduction of fat average in the body.


2 cups of coffee
2 tbs unsalted butter
2 tbs organic coconut oil (or MCT oil)
1 tbs heavy whipping cream (Optional)
1 ts vanilla extract (Optional)

Coconut oil or Medium Chain Triglyceride oil help in the fat loss process. MCT oil is more concentrated than coconut oil. Using coconut oil will make your coffee tastier and it also cheaper than regular MCT oil. Unsalted butter is better as the aim to make a healthy beverage and good butter is often rich with Vitamine K2 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Vanilla extract is obviously an optional add-on here. You can opt-out of using the ingredient if you want to go for zero net curbs and heavy cream.

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How to make it?

1. Brew two cups worth of coffee into a large container. Use whichever method is suitable for you.
2. Make a blender ready to mix ingredients. Use a regular blender if you want to but the immersion blender is more effective here.
3. Cut off two tablespoons of butter, add vanilla extract, and drop in coconut oil or MCT oil, whichever you are equipped with. Then add heavy cream for a creamy and silky texture.
4. Put everything into the blender and mix well. Usually, 45-60 seconds are good enough. Move the immersion blender up and down in between so that all of the fat is equalized in the drink. In case of a regular blender, you may need to shake it or else the coffee would not be emulsified.

And the Keto Coffee is done!

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