A Materializing Connotation In The Coronavirus Outbreak: Eating Disorders (ED)

A Materializing Connotation In The Coronavirus Outbreak: Eating Disorders (ED)
A Materializing Connotation In The Coronavirus Outbreak: Eating Disorders (ED)

At a time when quarantining at home seems to be the only precaution against COVID-19, social distancing norms have led to a couple of undisclosed results that can pose several challenges to health conditions in the long term. And its high time for those with eating disorders to take additional protective measures just to speed their process of recovery in terms of both physical and emotional independence.

The uncharted insinuations: psychological effect

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) has reported that at least 30 million people across ages, genders and backgrounds succumb to disarray in ingestion in the U.S. which comes with another cluster of the population with similarly undiagnosed consequences.

CEO of NEDA, Claire Mysko has stated that such disorderliness also poses a threat to “many mental health implications.”

Easy Ways To Reset Your Messed Up Sleep Cycle During The Lockdown Phase

The British Journal of Psychiatry has accounted to stress that anorexia nervosa continues to have one of the highest mortality rates of all psychological malady, prompted by studies indicating affected individuals bear a considerable risk to undergo jitters and so, depression. That has led to the majority browsing in the cyberspace to seek support during the precarious phase. Noteworthy to say, while it might be effective for those with normal health conditions, others in the recovery phase can give up to a good jolt.

Awakening to a fundamental consciousness: Lockdown

Hence, being aware of the provoking content which is rapidly taking over to the online forum can be a preventive step from getting misguided. If you have an introspective eye to the surfacing memes about diet culture, hyped jokes about “COVID-15,” and streaming at-home workout videos in the social media, their origin can be traced to the beginning of lockdown.

Covid-19: Normal Life Can’t Resume Before 2021?

Next comes the ongoing conversations about stocking up food, open to discuss what kinds of nutriment can be stored in the household, that has gained feat over debates on the closure of restaurants, and grocery stores lacking stock of necessities.

The perpetual solution in post-COVID-19

Now, the good news comes here. While all the nations are getting backfired by the pandemic every now and then, resources have been made available online that comes either free or in low-cost, like virtual therapy or meal support. One can visit the Instagram account named @covid19eatingsupport, where therapists are attending 24/7 people virtually during their meals, thereby serving a public concern.

How Coronavirus Pandemic Is An opportunity To Grow & Develop?

In fact, disclosure of difficulties faced by sensitive individuals with eating disorders opens up the possibility to minimize the peril of the hazard in the long run paved in an easy manner.

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