How The Post-COVID-19 Era Could See India Emerge As A World Power

How the post-COVID-19 era could see India emerge as a world power
How the post-COVID-19 era could see India emerge as a world power

It’s been a few months since the discovery of the COVID-19 virus that has created ruckus in the world. Almost all the countries are suffering from it and the world has moved indoors to protect itself. However, more than 3 million people have already been affected by the virus. The pace at which it is going, it’s difficult to speculate whether the worst is yet to come.

The world powers like the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain have been impacted the most. When the virus set its foot in India, a lot of pundits all over the world predicted that the densely populated country would be on the path of destruction. The virus indeed had the power of wiping out a major population of India.

World’s First Device Developed To Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms

There were several factors behind those speculations. India didn’t have the medical infrastructure like that of the USA or Italy. It didn’t have the medical facilities that could match the treatments provided in some of the other countries. There are numerous technologies which India is still catching up on. That’s why it is still a developing country.

Yet the manner in which India has handled the pandemic situation so far has shown the path to the world. While there are thousands of people losing their lives every day around the world, India has restricted the deaths and spread despite all the challenges.

The biggest lockdown

How did all that become possible? The Government is doing everything to curb the spread. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been praised for his decisions taken on the situation. The largest lockdown in the world has proved to be the most effective.

Who would have thought the largest train network could stop one day? Who could have imagined that the never-stopping Mumbai would come to a standstill? Was it even possible for more than a billion people to be kept inside their houses for weeks? It seems impossible even to imagine. But all that was possible due to the preventive measures taken in advance and of course, due to the support of the people.

India has certainly been leading the fight from the front row. When the medicine hydroxychloroquine proved to be effective in treating the COVID-19 affected patients, the world looked towards India. And as expected, India didn’t disappoint. The nation that has always believed in building strong relations with others came out in support to several countries like the USA and Brazil.

And while India is helping others, if the reports are to be believed, China is taking advantage of the situation. Already, there is enough rage against China, from where the spread of the virus began. Many nations, including the USA, believe that the virus could have been contained inside China, but the Government didn’t handle it well. Instead, the whole world is now suffering while China has claimed its recovery from the pandemic.

China taking advantage of the pandemic

This is not the first time a virus originated in China and spread in the world. The SARS virus in 2002 also had its roots in China before moving out to other countries. In the present times, when the world economy is on the decline, the Chinese have seized the opportunity and looked to expand. The recent example occurred when the Chinese Central Bank bought 1,74,92,909 crore shares, or 1.01 per cent of the shareholding, according to exchange data.

US To Give ‘Conclusive’ Report On COVID-19’s China Origins, Shares Trump

As per reports, many large companies are beginning to stop their operations in China and looking for alternatives. India could gain the most from this situation. Amongst the developing countries, India could be the best option for foreign companies to start their operations in.

India could be on its way up post-COVID-19

India already has hundreds of Multi-National Companies having their operational centres. China still is the largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods in the world. Even though it’s going to be difficult and will take time for it to change if it is going to change. Yet India could well emerge out of the pandemic as the torchbearer for the world.

Right now, there is a race amongst the countries to develop a life-saving vaccine against the virus. Usually, it takes many years to develop a vaccine and yet the research is at the fastest ever pace. India is amongst the few countries that have taken giant strides in that development. Not just the vaccine, the measures taken to cure the patients like hydroxychloroquine and the plasma therapy have also stood out.

When all this gets over and the world looks to rebuild, India could well emerge as a world power. India used to be a land of opportunities years ago and that’s why it was called the Golden Sparrow. Those days could well return and put India on top.

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