Tom Cruise Strictly Forbidden to Grin While Performing Stunts

Tom Cruise Strictly Forbidden to Grin While Performing Stunts
Tom Cruise Strictly Forbidden to Grin While Performing Stunts

Tom Cruise, the popular movie star, known to be notorious for performing his stunts, often forgets that most ordinary people don’t enjoy falling to their deaths. From 1996 to the present, Cruise has played Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible espionage franchise. Christopher McQuarrie is set to lead Mission: Impossible 7 and8, which will be released in 2022 and 2023, accordingly.

The Actor is Known For Performing Dangerous Stunts on Himself

Cruise has shifted gears to the action hero role afterward in his career, after developing himself with varied appearances across a range of genres. Even though the spy series is Cruise’s only long-lasting action franchise, the actor has also appeared in the thrillers of Jack Reacher and has a Top Gun sequel which is said to release in November. In addition to Valkyrie, Oblivion, Edge of Tomorrow, War of the Worlds, and a remake of The Mummy, Cruise has a slew of one-off adventure films under his belt.

Grin While Shooting Stunts: A Big NO!

In these films, many of which revolve around placing their characters in risky situations, the superhumanly in-shape actor is infamous for preferring to do his stunts. For most sets, qualified technicians will usually step in and do the physically and mentally demanding tricks that one cannot expect from the performers to deliver. According to The Daily Mail, the actor acknowledged that crew members had to tell him not to grin while shooting stunts while on an interview on The Graham Norton Show on Friday. The excitement junky of doing deadly physical activities, according to Cruise, can be so strong that he tends to forget to remain in character while in the action. Although Cruise may be enjoying the rush of thrill-seeking while shooting a scene, Ethan Hunt is unlikely to be feeling all too upbeat. The actor portrays himself as a very physical actor. He learns and works out and indulges a lot of time trying to figure it out.

Cruise Never Steps Back From Giving Justice To His Characters

As for all action franchises, as more Mission: Impossible films are released, the public wants more danger, which means more dangerous blasts and deeper encounters with death. Stepping out of aircraft at different elevations, hanging on to an aircraft engine underside during take-off, and chasing cars during action sequences are just a few of the stunts that have made Cruise grin over all the years.

Experience of Staying Under-Water!

Cruise has even experience of staying underwater for continuous six minutes while shooting a drowning sequence. The star tucked away off a two-wheeler during shooting Mission: Impossible 7. It is indeed plausible that anyone willingly engaging in all of the aforementioned behaviors would be unaware that others would be less likely to ignore their innate desire for self-preservation. To be honest, the majority of the characters Tom Cruise portrays in the action films, including Mission: Impossible, can put their lives in danger in need to successfully finish their missions. There is no need to say that the characters are not pleased to be in such troublesome circumstances, but there lies the point of acting.

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