7 Easy Tips to Give Your Wardrobe a Complete Makeover

7 Cool Tips that You Can Use to Give a New Life to Your Wardrobe Collection

7 Easy Tips to Give Your Wardrobe a Complete Makeover
7 Easy Tips to Give Your Wardrobe a Complete Makeover

Bored with the current state of your wardrobe? If browsing through your closet doesn’t excite you anymore, then you know it’s time to make some serious changes. Wardrobes need to be upgraded from time to time, not only to be in sync with the latest fashion trends, but also to evolve your own style quotient. Think of transforming your wardrobe as an adventure and be open to trying out out-of-the-box ways and tricks. Let’s go over 7 cool tips that you can use to give a new life to your wardrobe collection.

1. Invest in Statement Pieces That Aren’t Your Usual Style

Fashion is about feeling comfortable, but it’s also about stepping out of your sweet, little comfort zone and having fun with different styles. Keeping this in mind as you reinvent your wardrobe, shop for at least five wardrobe essentials that don’t match your usual style. For instance, if skirts aren’t something that you normally wear, go ahead and buy one that flatters your body type. Invest in jewelry or an accessory that you probably thought was a little too loud for you. Feel intimidated by anything in neon? Add a dazzling color pop to your wardrobe by buying just that! A few purchases like these will work wonders in enhancing your personal style, not to mention your closet.

2. Add More and Diverse Colors to the Wardrobe

We all have our personal favorites when it comes to colors. So, don’t be surprised to find you have way too many outfits in your favorite color! However, this can give a monotonous tone to your collection. So, when upgrading your wardrobe, diversifying the colors in it is something you should definitely look at. If you have too many outfits in similar colors, then put a stop to buying anything more in those shades for a while. Try on outfits in other different colors to see which of them work for you and which of them don’t. From vibrant and bold to pastel and subtle, there is a wide range of colors out there for you to try and choose from.

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3.Try DIY Fashion Hacks to Recycle Your Old Clothes

Up for a few art and craft sessions? Then, there are plenty of ways for you to get creative with the clothes that are long forgotten in your closet. Look up online and you’ll find a large pool of DIY fashion hack ideas to try out. You could give a new, trendy touch to some of the basic tees, jeans, and other old essentials in your closet. Whether it’s making a classy crop top out of a regular tank t-shirt or crafting a pair of cozy shorts out of your worn out denims, DIY fashion hacks can turn around the simplest of your outfits into ultra-fashionable. The hacks are not just fun, but also offer a pocket-friendly way to upgrade your wardrobe by revamping the clothes you already have. Of course, if DIY is not your thing, you can always get a tailor to carry out the ideas for you.

4. Stop Clinging to Outfits that are Beyond Rescuing

Not everything in your wardrobe is going to be salvageable. While the DIY hacks may manage to save some of your old outfits, for some others the best option may be to bid them goodbye. Go through your wardrobe and pick out items that you don’t get around to wearing any more. Maybe they are too old, or maybe you just don’t see yourself wearing those pieces now. Whatever be the reason, if you haven’t been wearing certain clothes for a considerable amount of time, then it’s time to get rid of them for good. This will give you yet another reason to shop for fresh stuff!

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5. Stay Updated with What’s In for the Current Season

Spring, summer, or winter, every season every year brings with it unique fashion elements that highlight everything special about styling in that season. Make it your job to learn all there is about the fashion craze that’s currently creating all the buzz. Just make sure the items you are investing in are something that you can wear more than just once or twice. You want to build seasonal collections that feature evergreen trends and styles. Therefore, in the long run, you’d be smart to choose pieces that stand out not just today, but would also look good in the future.

6. Shop Complete Looks, Not Just Outfits

Adding useful things to the wardrobe and upgrading it the right way requires you to think of the bigger picture. One little technique that you can try from time to time is instead of shopping for just outfits, you plan your entire look for an occasion in advance and shop accordingly. Say, you’re planning to buy a new dress to wear to an event. Come up with a complete look that you want to carry to this event. Think of the type of accessories and shoes that would go along well with this dress. From a blingy pair of earrings to chic footwear, get your imagination working to visualize all the things that can complement the dress. Once you have zeroed in on the desired look, purchase items that you don’t have already.

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7. Ask a Friend with Good Fashion Sense for Suggestions

Not all of us can afford to hire a professional to help us give our wardrobes a makeover. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help from elsewhere. If you know someone who has a keen sense of fashion, then you can get their suggestions when changing things around in your wardrobe. It will be worthwhile having a second pair of eyes evaluate your current collection. They may be able to point out things that are lacking or things that are in excess.  If their fashion sense is slightly different than yours, all the better! You will get styling ideas that you may never have imagined on your own. At the same time, make sure they are someone who understands your personal preferences in fashion, this will make it easier for the two of you to work together on this mighty project.

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