Turn Your Menu Green, Go For Vegan Diet

Try vegan diet and remain fit.

Vegan Diet: Turn your Menu Green, Go for Vegan Diet
Vegan Diet: Turn your Menu Green, Go for Vegan Diet

Are you eager to stay healthy and fit for long time? Well, then it’s better for you to turn green. Are you still wondering? To make things simpler, let’s put facts on an easier note. Try vegan diet and remain fit.

What do you mean by Vegan Diet?

The vegan diet is completely devoid of any form of animal protein. It excludes meat, fishes, and eggs from your menu completely. Derive your required nourishment from green plants. It opens for you the door of an entirely new diet schedule.

A vegan diet contains only plants and foods made from plants. Vegans do not eat foods that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs

You may not be comfortable with this form of diet. It also may raise your concern at first. Whenever people think about proteins, it always has to be from animal resources. Thus people may remain doubtful about this whole new concept of diet. It gives you a chance to explore new diet opportunities.

People turn vegan for many reasons. It can be from religious beliefs or due to health issues. Some people are also against animal violence

But this is definitely a great choice for fitness freaks. It will help them to reduce weights in a healthy manner. It will help you to fight against heart ailments, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Plan your diet in a proper way.

How to opt for a nutritious Vegan Diet?

A balanced and diversified vegan diet offers you majority of the essential nutrients. You need to acquire proper knowledge and effective planning as well. Without proper understanding and planning, you could miss out on minor yet essential ingredients of our body like iron, calcium, potassium or Vitamin B12.

Required things to do for a hearty vegan diet

  • Make it a point to have each minimum five types of veggies and fruits
  • Go for carbohydrates based meals. Like the ones comprising of rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. Wherever possible one is advised to opt for wholegrain.
  • Leguminous proteins should be a compulsory part of this diet plan. Pulses have always remained special for every dietician. Beans and other forms of plant proteins are equally important.
  • Dairy products are also a good alternative. Yogurts can be a regular item of your diet chart and so can be soya drinks. It is best to go for the products which have low contents of sugar and fat.
  • Select unsaturated spreads and oils and also consume them in minor proportions.
  • Drink lots of water. Daily try to have 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Occasionally you can have foods as well as drinks with high proportions of fats, sugar or salt. But make sure that you have them rarely. Don’t lose your controls over your temptations. Keep a watch on the quantity of these sugar and fat-enriched food products.

Varieties of Vegan Diet

There are varieties depending on the types of food you are consuming. Grab a quick look of these types.

  • Based on Raw food: If you can keep your temperature under 118°F or 48°C while cooking raw vegetables, seeds, nuts or similar products this type is categorized under this very group.
  • Based on Wholefood: When whole grains, fruits, legumes, seeds, vegetables etc. are the main basis of your vegan diet, then you belong to this group.
  • The solution of Starch: If you are relying on a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in fats then you are following this type.
  • Junk food type: This particular form of the vegan diet is based on fries, cheese, dessert assortment, and various processed items.

Suppliers of Vitamin D and Calcium

As discussed above here now check the sources of calcium. It is indispensable to make our teeth and bones stronger and healthier.

Vegans can have leafy vegetables like cabbage, okra, broccoli other than spinach, tofu, pulses, rice and soya drinks as calcium supplements.

Soya drinks are also suppliers of vitamin D. Cereals meant for breakfast are also rich in Vitamin D. As studied since school days most of the people are aware that sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D.

Complete Planning of a Vegan Meal

Based on your affordability, you can shape up your own diet menu with little more understanding and quick research. Your diet professional may suggest you with some critical and expensive diet chart. But with the help of the net, you can easily replace these expensive ingredients with an affordable one.

Here is an attempt to provide a compiled meal plan to the readers. I hope it guides you to create your own menu.

These are the shortlisted items than one can have during various parts of the day. In short, these are the major meal components. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the main meals of the day.

Breakfast Options

Muesli is a good and nutritious breakfast option. It is always suggested to begin the day with a heavy breakfast. So to enhance the taste of muesli, you can add yogurt, linseed, and fruits. You can also have bread and peanut butter, banana and milk. Not only have a healthy breakfast but also a tasty one. Porridge with toppings of fruits will give you a nice feel.

Ready for Lunch

Get ready for a healthy, tasty and low-calorie lunch. Salads meet up with all these criteria. You can also have sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. Spaghetti whole wheat teamed up with soya chunks makes a delectable dish. Likewise, you too explore your creativity and create some relishing vegan lunch items.

It’s Dinner Time

You can have a one-bowl meal for dinner. Have a bowl full of vegetables along with healthy yogurt. You can also roll out some wraps or burgers with lightly cooked vegetables. You can also have salad as a companion. Try out the interesting combo of brown rice and chickpea. Replace your nonveg dishes with veg options and you will end up creating some new stuff.

You can always keep munching few wheat biscuits if you are feeling hungry. These biscuits are good fillers to meet with your small hunger.

Again all the above-mentioned products are easily available in any supermarket and even in local stores. Neither of these items are extensively expensive.

Improve your Health-Benefits of being a Vegan

  • It is the key that will maintain the good health of your HEART. It lowers the risk of high blood pressure and checks your cholesterol levels.
  • Nowadays Gen Y people are more interested to be in proper shapes. They are reluctant to put on weight. It is actually important for all of us to maintain the desired weight. Excess weight is a reason behind many diseases. A vegan diet is an ideal way to lose weight.
  • It helps to fight back Type 2 Diabetes.

Now that you have some ideas about the vegan diet, you may try out the same. Here is a small attempt to support those readers who are keen to gather some knowledge about this newly trending diet art.

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