Post Malone Brings Out Special Guests During #DiveBarTour

The era of “dive bars” in New York City which was very popular once, no longer exists today. From the city of grime and crime had become some of the greatest music of all time — and CBGB was the axis upon which these countless scenes from both rock’n’roll and, later, Hip Hop, took place.

Thought behind the recreation

To recreate the vibe and to create a tactile community of music lovers in a world that has been becoming digital and distant on an increased level, Bud Light thought to work on this. Bud Light took over the tony Cutting Room in New York City and used carefully distressed posters to advertise the star of the evening. They announced that singer-songwriter and sometime trap rapper Post Malone was performing at the event.

Songs played at the show

However, fans joined also and asked for an intimate show at The Cutting Room where he was backed by Sublime with Rome and he later surprised fans with a cover of “Santeria”, although it was a bit bittersweet to hear for old-school rocker types.

However, Rome (who took the place of the great Bradley Nowell, who died in 1996) and Malone performed a classic track beautifully. But the real treat of the night came from the legendary Fat Joe when he joined Post Malone on stage to play a medley of his greatest hits. The hits included “All the Way Up,” “Lean Back,” and “Make It Rain.”

On the other hand, Post performed “Celebration,” “White Iverson,” and his newly released single “Circles” from his unreleased album. That became viral in no time and became a massive hit among the attendees and those who were watching the Bud Light Livestream.

This show followed the announcement of the singer Post Malone’s official limited-edition merch collaboration with Bud Light. The good news is devoted fans can shop the full collection for a limited time of this exclusively branded merch.

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