Elon Musk would soon Fulfil the Dream of Paralysed Person Walk Again!

Elon Musk would soon Fulfil the Dream of Paralysed Person Walk Again!
Elon Musk

Till date, we all have continued to possess sympathy for those with impaired brain functionality which impedes individuals in executing various activities. What we always have hoped for is a science to bear its stake in showing the way to help the helpless. And now, we are just a year away from attaining the milestone that would fling the barrier of the disabled people to help them grow with the surrounding. Well, the hero to champion the cause is none other than the worldwide tech expert, Elon Musk as he has promised to serve our dreams in reality with due course of time.

The third breakthrough in the genre

The Space X founder has recently reported that he has been developing a device that can be implanted in the brain to enable paralysed people in walking. Yes, that’s what it claimed in his determined fixation.

Musk however clarified about the specifications of the equipment saying, “The device were are working on right now is about an inch in diameter. It has a battery and a blue tooth and a charger and the electrodes are inserted into the brain by a robot.”

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Rebuilding minds

Then, to describe its function, he continued, “It can help with a range of brain injuries from epilepsy to stroke and muscle control and memory and eyesight. The device is a substitute for circuits that are broken. There is still a lot of work to do.” Sounds too reliable to spare a thought!

Meanwhile, we will remain grateful to his thinking capability and intelligence across the globe, who ideally wondered about such multiple variations all in a single device.

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Creating the Six Million Dollar Man in reality

Later on, he told, “When I say we’ve got a shot at putting this into a person in a year I mean exactly that hopefully restoring some functionality that they have lost.” Now, we are simply left waiting for the final product to hit the market once the spell gets over.

Lastly, Musk claimed that people could turn out being the Six Million Dollar Man as he referred to the TV series from the 1970s where Lee Majors in the role of an injured astronaut is shown to be restructured using bionic implants and superhuman potentialities.

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