Musk Once Again Outplays Tesla’s Stock with Unanticipated Sarcasm

Musk Once Again Outplays Tesla's Stock with Unanticipated Sarcasm
Elon Musk

As Tesla Inc. shares continue to peak in the later weeks of Elon Musk’s remarks about their respective worth, the CEO of the firm once again took over Twitter to weigh its value. However, in order to mark his attempt of mockery, he simply referred to a meme circulated across the internet aimed at ridiculing the stock market.

The unfathomable irony

On June 11, Musk tweeted “lol” after a 9 per cent jump on Wednesday which lifted Tesla shares to a closing price of US$1,025.05. However, the star’s first post was mysterious against the projected records.

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Meanwhile, when one of his admirers enquired him about what was the deal behind such expression, he replied, “Stonks.” Yes, you read it right. That’s how the world mocks the term “stocks” with its deliberate misspelling which is often resorted to in the cyberspace to hint at the irony of the equity markets.


The endless foil

In fact, the capitalization of Tesla’s market has garnered about US$20 billion of Toyota Motor Corp., which happens to be the most valuable carmaker across the globe. On the other hand, the competition between both the companies can be labelled as incredible while, Tesla produced less than 103,000 cars in the first quarter compared to Toyota’s 2.4 million.

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To the world of wisdom

Later on Thursday, another follower of Musk addressed his May 1 tweet that stated Tesla’s stock price to be too high in a personal note. The billionaire, however, reverted to the referral with a link to a web address, which he bought in the initial phase of 2019. Well, the website projects a “stonks” meme picture which depicts a character standing in front of stock prices and next to an arrow pointing upward.

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Lastly, we can’t abstain from the witty takeaways of the tech expert!

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