What Happened to Brad Pitt in Ethiopia in 2005? Find Out

Mr. and Mrs. Smith star, Brad Pitt had severe flu-like symptoms in a trip to Africa with Angelina Jolie just after parting away from Jennifer Aniston. The romance between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was secret then, but their trips to Ethiopia in East Africa made their fans a bit curious about what the co-stars are into!

Brad Pitt fell Sick in Ethiopia

Brad and Angelina went on a trip to Ethiopia in East Africa, where they decided to adopt their first child. The romance of Angelina Jolie and Brad during that time was high in the air, and the fans could smell love. There in Ethiopia, Brad Pitt started having flu-like symptoms, which included fever, headache, malaise, and vomiting.

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Brad Pitt Suffering from Meningitis

Before the month Brad Pitt and Jolie visited Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Health Ministry was a bit concerned about illness across Ethiopia. They reported that out of 433 patients, 40 died with highly and severe infections. All of them suffered from Meningococcal Meningitis. Brad had symptoms like Meningitis, which was concerning then. Later his health advisors claimed that it was viral meningitis as for Brad, hence that it was fortunate for him not to have suffered from the highly infectious viral.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center

After Brad was diagnosed with viral meningitis, he had to check in to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in the United States to get a medical test done. Doctors and health advisors there stated that he was ill due to the Ethiopian Outbreak. Though he was kept under observation for a couple of days, he was very soon discharged as his recovery rate very high. He was prescribed for a complete home rest when discharged.

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The Fortunate Brad

Several people in Ethiopia had to suffer from risky Meningitis, and Brad, fortunately, was out of the hands of the infectious virus. Though he had suffered from viral meningitis, his recovery occurred very soon after his illness. By the time he recovered, the romance between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sparked. They had a long 11 years of relationship. They adopted 3 children by then and had another 3 of their own. 

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Brad and Ange fighting custody battle

It is quite saddening to see that, 11 year-long relations and 2 years of marriage of Brad and Jolie, they have parted away, and are fighting a custody battle within themselves. Their divorce has been finalized months back, but their battle for their children’s custody remains.

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