Piers Morgan tells Meghan Markle’s assertions are “Impossible to Believe.”

Piers Morgan tells Meghan Markle's assertions are "Impossible to Believe."
Piers Morgan tells Meghan Markle's assertions are "Impossible to Believe."

Piers Morgan had spoken to Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation concerning Meghan Markle, whom he “actually” doesn’t “believe” said the truth in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers Morgan had stormed out of his show after his co-host called him out on live television for consistently badmouthing Meghan Markle.

Piers Morgan on Fox Nation

The longtime Good Morning Britain co-host spoke on Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation on Monday, April 5, to voice his complaints about the interview, calling Markle’s statements “impossible to believe.”

He expressed that even after a month later, and frankly, he does not believe any of what Meghan Markle said. Seventeen of the couple’s allegations are found to be entirely false, grossly inflated, or unprovable. He further added that he is unsure if he should trust people who aren’t telling the truth.

Though Morgan didn’t mention which of the statements made by Meghan and Harry were inaccurate.

Morgan went on to say that if the allegations against the royal family are accurate, Markle should call names so that the questions can be adequately addressed. “If you’re going to accuse anyone of bigotry, you better have some evidence,” he said.

Morgan was especially outraged by the implication that Archie was refused a title because of his skin color, which he insists is “absolutely wrong.”

What had Morgan to say about Meghan’s Mental Health?                                   

Piers on the show mimicked Prince saying, that it is open to all that Prince Harry is all ready to assist those with mental health issues or are suicidal, but in the case of Meghan Markle’s suicidal thought, he could not get her assistance, which is hard to believe for him.

What did Meghan Talk about?

Meghan alleged that the royal family did not allow her to defend herself during the attacks made against her from the U.K tabloids. She kept on adding that she and Harry did not get proper treatment from the Palace. 

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According to their interview, despite consistently applying for assistance from the firm, Harry and Meghan were refused advice or counseling.

Bottom Line

Meghan and Harry, in an interview with Oprah, made severe allegations against the royal family. According to Meghan Markle, the treatment she has received as a royal member was not respectful, but it turned out to be depressing for her. Following the controversy, Morgan in Fox Nation seemed utterly disgusted about the allegation made against the royal family. He expressed that he does not believe Meghan and Harry as 17 of their claims are inaccurate or falsely crafted. Morgan had to quit the show as the host called him out for trashing against Meghan Markle. 

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