Brad Pitt on Wheelchair! Here’s Why

The rift between Brad Pitt with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie over the custody case got a bit ugly and that disheartened the fans of both the Greek God of Hollywood and the Maleficient actress. Recently, Angelina Jolie even accused Brad Pitt of domestic violence and that shocked us to the very core. The controversies took over the internet like wildfire. But, the actor has been spotted outside a Beverly Hills medical center and that too in a wheelchair with a mask.

The Paparazzi Tizzy

Even though the Fight Club, actor Brad Pitt keeps a low profile, he is simply unable to keep the paparazzi at his arm’s length. He sent the paparazzi a tizzy when he was snapped without his consent outside the medical hospital. However, the most eye-catching thing was the wheelchair over which the Greek God was escorted out of the hospital.

The Visit To The Hospital

Resources reported that Brad Pitt originally went to the Beverly Hills medical center for a mere dental appointment, according to the Page Six reports. Even after keeping the lowest profile in public, Brad Pitt’s photo came out. He was seen sitting on a wheelchair, wearing a black hoodie, an oversized pair of sunglasses to hide most of this face, and a mask. He was wearing grey track pants with white sneakers. It is quite evident from the dress code of the actor who has recently shaken hand with the Roman house of Fashion, Brioni to manufacture a seven-piece capsule that he was trying his best to hide his identity from the mad crowd. But alas, all went in vain.

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The Hospital Policy

The Beverly Hills medical center reported that they have their policy to escort all their patients, irrespective of their identity, out on a wheelchair no matter how trivial and how small the reason for their visit to the hospital is. And rules are rules for the esteemed medical center of the city.

A medical worker of the hospital helped Brad Pitt to be escorted out of the hospital with his bodyguard at his side. The paparazzi managed to click their bits with the star and now he’s the talk of the town.

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Tom 'Loki' Hiddleston Disclose About Chaos In The Show

Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston Discloses About Chaos In The Show

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