Eric Roth Solves The Casting Shuffle Between DiCaprio And Plemons

Eric Roth Solves The Casting Shuffle Between DiCaprio And Plemons
Eric Roth Solves The Casting Shuffle Between DiCaprio And Plemons

The director, Martin Scorcese’s most awaited film ‘Killers of the flower moon’ is ready to be rolling for production next month. The cast of the movie includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jesse Plemons, Robert De Niro, and Lily Gladstone. In February, the casting of Jesse Plemons created a buzz among the cineholics. It is in the air that Jesse Plemons has taken over the role originally written for DiCaprio.

What Does Eric Roth Think?

The killer of the flower moon writer, Eric Roth states to the Collider that just because Plemons took over the role which was originally created by keeping DiCaprio in mind, does not mean that DiCaprio has shifted to some form of supporting role, like the one from “Django Unchained’. But don’t we know that DiCaprio will be literally breaking skulls in any roles in a movie.

Sources reported that Eric Roth does not think that Plemons is actually bagging the lead. He liked to address his as the designated hero.

The Plotline

The writer of the flower moon gives subtle hints about the plotline of the “killers of the flower moon’. The movie will circle the investigations into a series of murders of the well-to-do Osage people belonging to the Osage country, Oklahoma during the period of 1920s. In the movie, Plemons will be staring at Tom White, the lead FBI investigator who was given the charge of digging into the chain of murders occurring in the Osage country.

Leonardo DiCaprio In The Movie

The titanic actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is always in the search of something off-track. DiCaprio showed an immense interest in the character playing Ernest Burkhart, who is the nephew of the powerful local rancher of the city. The local rancher is being played by Robert De Niro himself. Leonardo DiCaprio’s interest in switching the role with Jesse Plemons is reportedly a part of the reason why Paramount sold their $200 million productions to Apple.

Eric Roth said about DiCaprio and we quote,” Leonardo wanted some things changed in the script that we argued about. He won half of the arguments. I won half of them.”

And now we will be waiting for the murders, the investigating officer and the nephew.

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