New Neighbours Make Every Possible Attempt To Keep Harry & Meghan Away From Paparazzi

New Neighbours Make Every Possible Attempt To Keep Harry & Meghan Away From Paparazzi
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Canadian neighbours have actively asked officials to protect the couple’s privacy, amid signs of increasing community tensions boosted by their presence.

Residents in North Saanich, Vancouver Island, were quick to embrace the young family on their arrival following their decision to step back from royal duties. The latest volley has come in the form of a request to the council for new trees and signs to safeguard their concealment.

One local has requested some new rhododendrons to be planted outside the Sussexes’ waterside house to create a fenced-off area, while another suggested signs reading “local/resident traffic only” be put up on roads leading to their rented home. However, the council replied: “The areas in question are public highways and public rights of way. Unfortunately, these legal means do not have the ability to restrict use to non-residents.”

The Shutterbug Incursion

Others urged the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to step in against the paparazzi intrusion. One member of the fiercely vigilant community has formed a Facebook group to identify the locations of paparazzi. Rest of them have however delighted in toying with journalists.

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When one 83-year-old neighbour was asked if he had seen “them”, he impishly replied: “Who? Oh, right, them – yeah, Archie’s been keeping us up all night with his wailing.”

The Spotted Appearances

The Duchess has been spotted shopping at Whole Foods, near Victoria, and at a fish market in the village of Sidney. On the other hand, Deep Cove Market, a café where the Duke has been spotted buying sandwiches, has declared itself a “press free zone”.

Miles Arsenault, who runs a taxi boat from nearby Deep Cove, received a personal phone call from the Duchess after it was reported that he refused to ferry Japanese photographers keen to shoot their home. He said she was “sweet, real and sincere”.

One photographer, who asked to keep his identity confidential, said paparazzi had been intimidated by locals who were even threatened with being beaten up.

It seems that the finer detail of the Duke and Duchess’ plan to step down as working members of the Royal family have been put together at the waterside property with a small group of American advisers who have rented the £10 million Mille Fleurs mansion on Vancouver Island since November. The family has been travelling in various cars, flanked by separate vehicles for their security.

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