Keanu Reeves Uses New Movie, Already Gone, to Promote Charity G3

Keanu Reeves recorded a YouTube video promoting the charity’s work

Keanu Reeves Uses New Movie, Already Gone, to Promote Charity G3
Keanu Reeves Uses New Movie, Already Gone, to Promote Charity G3

The famous star Keanu Reeves certainly knows how to sell the product pretty well.

“Already Gone” — the new film of Keanu Reeves tells the story of two teenagers who went on a road trip to escape a bad situation in New York City. The incident reminded the Virginia man Vernon Green Jr. of his own childhood days, foster care with an abusive father, his growing up, etc. However, he runs a charity and mentored at-risk kids.

On the other hand, for Jim Klock who was a Virginia policeman, has made it big as an actor and worked as one of the film’s executive producers. He, however, recalled the interactions he had as a cop with children earlier. And for Keanu Reeves, who is the other executive producer of the film, it was like a true story.

“It’s children, in a hard environment, going out into the world and seeking themselves and escape,” Reeves said to The Washington Post. “We can watch this movie, relate to it, hopefully, learn from it and be entertained by it.”

More Details

Tyler Dean, the movie stars Flores as Robinson, the 15-year-old who lives in Coney Island with an abusive stepfather named Martin, played by Seann William Scott. Robinson has developed a crush on Martin’s girlfriend Keesha, who is a 19-year-old exotic dancer played by Justine Skye. It is when Martin tries to pimp Keesha out, Robinson takes her away and both go on a road trip filled by love, desperation and Martin’s drug money, which Robinson stole before leaving.

However, a special advance screening of “Already Gone” took place in New York City on Friday and dubbed Green’s charity, G3 Community Services was on the charge of the event’s sponsor. This gave the charity a boost in “exposure” when it was raising fund to expand G3CS to D.C. and Maryland. However, “G3” stands for “Giving God Glory.”

Keanu Reeves further recorded a YouTube video promoting the charity’s work in between his busy schedule. He said he was happy to help them.

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