John wick 4 or Matrix 4: Which Keanu Reeves’ Film will be the Better Sequel?

John wick 4 or Matrix 4: Which Keanu Reeves' Film will be the Better Sequel?
John wick 4 or Matrix 4: Which Keanu Reeves' Film will be the Better Sequel?

John wick 4 or Matrix 4? Which movie of Keanu Reeves would be able to bag more fans and which sequel would project Keanu in a better role once it’s released? Let’s compare the two upcoming movies of Keanu Reeves 

1. Matrix 4: Deciding the ultimatum

While the open-ended dissolution of Revolutions has left many questions unanswered for the fandom, there is a high possibility that Matrix 4 would penetrate such doubts with apt projections.

John Wick 4: With the intent for a tempting spine chiller

As you have watched, the latest series of John Wick ends with a “bang,” which poses a narrow escape to allure fans for a much-awaited conclusion.

Keanu Reeves as Wolverine: isn’t that exciting?

2. Matrix 4: Comeback of exemplary characters

One of the biggest attractions in the Matrix sequel is foreseen in the return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss who would reprise their signature roles. Apart from that, the film will also have Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe and Lambert Wilson as the rogue program, The Merovingian while Morpheus is expected to make a return. But that remains unknown whether Laurence Fishburne would take over the rule or not.

John Wick was not the original title; Reeves kept calling it John Wick and creators finally agreed

John Wick 4: To set off the next TV Show

It’s been heard that director and Matrix stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski is working hard to come up with a new Starz spinoff show which intends to complement John Wick under the name of The Continental. However, it would sharpen the incidences of Wick’s hotel rampart featuring a new villain, besides depicting Reeves in a cameo role.

3. Matrix 4: Prospect for the Best VFX

While the fandom has been familiar with Wachowskis’ stint of breakthrough filmography, one can simply guess what type of innovations will make it to Matrix 4.

John Wick 4: Pushing for an uphill orbit

All you can ever expect about John Wick 4 is that it would come fast off the heels of the highly anticipated pompous Parabellum!

4. Matrix 4: A brand new zest

Lana Wachowski would bring up new disputes, characters and spikes in the enormously new vital of the post-war world.

A new rumor in the town: Are Keanu and Alexandra planning to have a baby?

 John Wick 4: Prophesying skirmish and revenge

John Wick 4 is assumed to be an all-out war between the High Table and the reprobate clique headed by Wick, the Bowery King, and their aiding crew.

Additionally, with the blend of The Continental and treachery of Winston, one can wait for a bloodbath incorporated in the next-level action scenes. Meanwhile, do you remember Stahelski teasing that it would not be a happy ending? Yes, you can’t just overlook the intriguing factor on the go!

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