Disney Hopes For ‘Mulan’ To Launch In Summer

Disney Hopes For 'Mulan' To Launch In Summer
Disney Hopes For 'Mulan' To Launch In Summer

Disney has delayed the releases of a lot of blockbuster movies on Friday, but they still have a hope on their summer blockbuster – Mulan which is now decided for a July release despite the global pandemic – coronavirus which has not only cancelled or postponed all the event but affected more than 1 million lives so far with more than 50k people have reported positive around the world.

The revised schedule has shared the news of much-awaited Marvel movies Black Widow and The Eternals, as well as the latest Thor and Doctor Strange sequels as well. Their release dates have all been postponed as the novel coronavirus shutters theatres across the globe.

Scarlett Johansson Expresses Why Black Widow Is ‘Genius’

Black Widow featuring Scarlett Johansson, the first of the superhero franchise, will now come in November because of the most subsequent instalments will move later in a domino effect. Even, there was another untitled Marvel movie which earlier set for summer 2022 release but later it was removed from the schedule as well.

North American movie theatres to open soon?

But there is hope that the movie theatres of North American could reopen sooner rather than later and their next big-budget Mulan — the live-action remake of the story of a legendary warrior from China — is now expectedly set to release July 24.

However, the positive notes came from National Association of Theatre Owners officials, who said to a webinar Friday that theatres could reopen at the end of May or June with social distancing will be in place and the seats of audience members will be far enough from one another.

Disney’s Big Hits Of 2020 Aren’t Necessarily ‘Mulan’ Or ‘Black Widow’

On the other hand, Disney’s Artemis Fowl has become the latest major studio film that moved directly to streaming and didn’t get the chance to be in the theatres amid this situation.

Meanwhile, the children’s book adaptation will be released on Disney+ soon as the date is not decided yet. Apart from these, there are other movies too which was pushed back as well. The next Indiana Jones film has postponed an entire year to July 2022 for the release of their untitled film.

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