Here is Why Tom Cruise Missed Suri Cruise’s 15th Birthday

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise was seen celebrating her birthday around New York City. Suri Cruise celebrated her 15th birthday on Sunday, 18th April with her friends in Manhattan. In all these festivities, there’s a question that pops. Why is Tom Cruise absent from his daughter’s birthday?

Wishes for Suri Cruise

Even though the father of the teen was apparently absent, Katie Holmes made sure to wish her daughter. On Instagram Katie Holmes shares some family photographs, saying, “Happy 15th birthday sweetheart! I love you.” Instead of all the sugarcoating, the netizens are curious whether their action hero sees Suri Cruise. The birthday girl was photographed around New York City. She was spotted posing for selfies. Browsing shopping destinations for birthday presents.

The Birthday Girl’s Bond With Parents

It seemed quite astounding as Suri Cruise wasn’t photographed alongside her mother. It is being said that Tom Cruise hasn’t been around for the birthday. The teen was seen hopping around the streets with her pals. Having the freedom. Tom Cruise supposedly missed his baby girl’s birthday as he was filming for the seventh sequel of mission; impossible in England. Alongside was his rumored girlfriend, Hayley Atwell. Cruise and Atwell were spotted shooting in Pickering, North Yorkshire. Reports hint that the shooting for Mission: Impossible 7 was wrapped in December 2020. In the set for the same, Tom berated his crewmates for breaking the social distancing protocol. The actor who loves to do his stunts never ceased to impress his admirers.

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The Unknown Wishes

Though a handful of serious speculations are bothering. It is still unknown whether the actor contacted his daughter on her birthday. Suri Cruise is Tom’s youngest child. According to sources, Tom never wanted to estrange his relationship with his daughter. Tom Cruise hinted on several occasions that he still looks forward to re-establishing the broken bonds. The actor also has two children from his previous marriage with Nicole Kidman. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced in 2001 after 11 years of marriage. They have two children, Connor and Isabella.

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