Meghan And Harry’s Royal Exit Receives A Big Blow In Trademark Opposition

Meghan And Harry’s Royal Exit Receives A Big Blow In Trademark Opposition
Meghan And Harry’s Royal Exit Receives A Big Blow In Trademark Opposition

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s “independent” living dream has got a massive jolt since their plans to trademark the Sussex Royal brand have been blocked.

The Sun reported, such an obstacle has surfaced following the complaint of an Australian doctor, depicting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ ability to promote a variety of items with the Royal Sussex branding on, who had earmarked products like hoodies, postcards.

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An eruption of legal controversy

But the couple can now get involved in a legal dispute where reports have upheld their wish to keep the “royal” aspect of the tag, whose worth has been estimated around billions by Experts. According to the documents presented by the Government’s Intellectual Property Office, a “notice of threatened opposition” had been registered, challenging Meghan and Harry to pay out a fortune deemed in the court’s legal procedure.

Lee Curtis, a chartered trademark attorney and partner at specialist law firm HGF said, “Filing a notice of threatened opposition is relatively easy and can be done online for free. The filing of a formal notice of opposition is much more involved. Right now, the threatened opposition delays the progress of the Sussex Royal application by at least one month, but if a formal opposition is ultimately mounted, this will involve the payment of an opposition fee, the drafting of formal grounds of opposition and the filing of evidence and legal submissions in support of the opposition. The whole opposition could take at least a year to get to a decision and is thus not an action entered into lightly with a possible costs award against the losing party.”

A spokeswoman on behalf of the IPO added: “We are unable to discuss specifics about trademark applications while they are in progress.”

The huge face-off from Canada

The duo, however, was previously warned to pay their own security bills against a furious backlash from the aggrieved Canadians. It seems around 80,000 people have already signed a petition under Victoria MP Laurel Collins, claiming the couple’s security must not be funded by the Canadian taxpayer. Fears have taken aback the country’s citizens, casting suspense over the royal couple’s 24/7 security funding which has now been taken up by the politician into her own hands.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently residing in Vancouver Island with their baby Archie in their attempts to lead a “financially independent” life. But the issue raised over the couple’s security bills yet remains under shadow until any official confirmation.

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