Matrix 4 Cast: An Updated Cast List of The Matrix 4

Matrix 4 Cast: An Updated Cast List of The Matrix 4

The Matrix is a franchise-based movie which is all set to begin its fourth edition. Although a release date hasn’t been decided yet, the production scheduled to begin in early 2020.

Keanu Reeves

Although Neo lost his life at the end of The Matrix Revolutions while destroying the Agent Smith virus, Keanu Reeves will return as Neo in The Matrix 4. But it’s not clear is if he’ll actually be brought back to life in the next movie or the scenes will be limited to flashbacks. However, his return to arguably the biggest franchises would be great for fans.

Carrie-Anne Moss

Like Neo, Carrie-Anne Moss’ will probably return with the main protagonist, although we don’t know yet if it will be a full-blown resurrection or it will be any flashback. Although the answer could be, Carrie Anne-Moss will portray Trinity again.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

This will also be included in the brand new to The Matrix franchise. Yahya Abdul-Mateen has come in headlines through appearances in The Greatest Showman, Aquaman and Us, and he was also one of the main cast members on HBO’s Watchmen. However, there is speculation that Abdul-Mateen could be playing a younger version of Morpheus, the role previously played by Laurence Fishburne.

Neil Patrick Harris

He is a known face from TV shows like Doogie Howser, M.D., How I Met Your Mother and A Series of Unfortunate Events, and he is also contributed in the genre fiction like Starship Troopers and various animated DC Comics adaptations. Now he is going to associated with Matrix 4. Currently, it is not yet decided yet whether he plays a protagonist or antagonist in the movie.

Jessica Henwick

This is the new inclusion on The Matrix 4 and arguably the best known for playing Colleen Wing in Iron Fist. According to Deadline, Henwick went through a strong audition process and it’s expected she will play a female like Neo character.

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  1. Out of all shown above about the only one that interests me is Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, John Wick…) I am hooked. He and his movies are the best! He himself is a role model all guys should strive for. On screen and off he can’t be beat!

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