Jennifer Lopez Confesses A Toothsome Pledge To Her Would Be Stepdaughter Ella

The Second Act star, Jennifer Lopez has all been gearing up these days to be the stepmother to fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s daughters, namely Natasha(15), and Ella(12), while the acclaimed singer has shared one of the candid relationships with the kids. When Ella celebrated her 12th birthday in the last week, Jennifer conveyed her best wishes to the little girl shedding light on their cloying bond till date.

Fixing a lifelong affection: Lopez

The Fly girl dancer took to Instagram, revealing about her promise to Ella that she will gift her the Ralph & Russo lilac outfit, with which she made an appearance in the Grammy’s from 2017.
And fortunately, the dress has been kept for the aspiring girl, while many other gowns will supposedly be shared between the two sisters in future. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Hustlers actress disclosed that the girls are often engaged in discussing about which dress will suit them while they turn out to be big. She affirmed saying, “Ella told me: ‘I want your [Grammy’s] dress with the orchid,’ and Emme is like: ‘What about that [dress], mummy? Are we going to keep that? Don’t throw that out.’

Jennifer Lopez’s commitment to acting has topped among her love of life.

An enchanting observance amidst the pandemic:

Commemorating her birthday in lockdown, Ella’s family committed a special day to the pre-teen. As her adoring father posted photos on Instagram depicting the occasion, it drew attention to a three-layered wonderful birthday cake with music as its theme that matched with a preposterous pair of gold headphones!

Complementing familial bonds

Besides the fact, Ella’s family and friends visited her in Miami while others attended the gala in their cars in order to abide by the norms of social distancing. In fact, Jennifer’s 12-year-old twins, Emme and Max and Ella’s mother, Cynthia Scurtis also observed the festivity.

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