Is Prince Harry Unhappy of His Decision of Leaving the Royal Family?

Is Prince Harry Unhappy of His Decision of Leaving the Royal Family?
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A lot has been spoken about Meghan Markle since she bid adieu to the royal family and moved to the US along with her husband Prince Harry. However, not much has been talked about Harry. In a column written by Victoria Murphy for Town & Country, she spoke about the Duke of Sussex in detail.

What Harry left behind?

Earlier this year when the couple walked away from the royal identities, they basically walked from more royal responsibilities than they initially wanted to. This was especially not easy for Prince Harry. Prince Harry has had a number of responsibilities which included military work, associations with Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union League and many more. Although the Prince will maintain a strong link to the military community, “But he has had to walk away from his honorary military appointments, and it’s hard to see how he can ever return to them while he is not a working royal.”

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Murphy added, “He has retained his official positions and maintained contact this year, but these groups traditionally have working royals as their patrons—the Queen passed both patronages to Harry in 2016—meaning they fall into a slightly different category than the charities he set up or took on in a more personal capacity. For Harry and Meghan’s small team remaining in the UK, there is still plenty to work out.”

Is the Prince happy?

A lot out there believe that there is no doubt that Meghan Markle does what she believes strongly. The Duchess of Sussex would continue to live like this, but does Prince Harry miss certain things as working royal? “Most likely, yes. But does that mean he is unhappy with his choice? No.”

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Victoria Murphy wrote about one friend who gave an insight into Harry’s choice and the reason behind doing all these. The friends mentioned that the discussion of the Duchess of Sussex forcing Harry to live a life she wanted to is “ridiculous”. “He felt that he had to do something to protect his family and create a better life for his family,” the friend said. “I think that the life they are now living in California with their house and the work that they are able to do, the charity work they are doing, and Archie growing up; they are really happy,” the friend said as per Murphy’s column.

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