Ellen DeGeneres Attempts to Boost her Morale Over Video call with the show’s Employees

In recent times, Ellen DeGeneres has interacted openly with her employees on set while addressing the previous claims of toxicity.

Regaining the positive impression

If we go by an insider’s statement to Us Weekly on Monday, August 17, the anonymous individual reported, “Producers, Ellen and crew were on a video call this afternoon. Ellen addressed them. It really boosted morale. She opened up and was being real. [She] admitted to being multilayered and said she has good days and bad days. She said people on the call would know that she has not asked people not to look her in the eyes on set.”

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Climbing the ladder of generosity

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host also revealed herself to the staff as “an introvert,” as the source remarked that “her life kept getting bigger and bigger and she went from no one wanting to back her to her show blowing up.” The media personality however doesn’t wish people “to be afraid to address her and say hi,” on set as “She encouraged it.” As DeGeneres video called her staff members, she voiced that producer’s Ed Glavin, Jonathan Norman, and Kevin Leman have been compelled to resign from the talk show.

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Above the cracks

It was on Tuesday, August 11 that DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss took to protest against the toxicity allegations, who told Us, “We can’t speak too much legally about it, but I’ll say this, there’s been, love. Obviously there’s some things to address, but from my standpoint and from countless others, there’s been, love. … There will continue to be love.”

He further added that he is “of course” eager to return to the set. Meanwhile, on Monday, Variety stated that Boss has been offered a promotion to the position of executive producer.

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