Lip Reader Explained What Prince Harry and Prince William Chatted after Prince Philip’s funeral

Lip Reader Explained What Prince Harry and Prince William Chatted after Prince Philip's funeral
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After the bombshell interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey which exposed the distant relationship between the two brothers, Princes Harry and William were seen talking after their grandfather, Prince Philip’s funeral.

The world has been talking about how the death of the Duke of Edinburgh bought the brothers together as they were talking to each other good-naturedly as reported by several lip-reading experts and body language experts.

The Funeral of Prince Philips

The death of Prince Philip bought the Royal family together once again, if not morally, but physically. Prince Harry flew to the UK and had been quarantined for some time before the funeral of his beloved grandfather, Prince Philip took place at St George’s Chapel. Many controversial questions were thrown by the people regarding the absence of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. The Royal spokesperson calmed by wave by reporting that the Duchess’s physician advised her not to travel during her final weeks of pregnancy.

The Mask-Off Conversation

The British publication, ‘The Express’, reported that as Prince William took off his mask he told his brother, Prince Harry: “Yes, it was great, wasn’t it?” to which Prince Harry replied positively. The Royal brothers were observed to be talking to the Archbishop of Canterbury before turning on towards themselves to chat again. Prince William was found to appreciate the music at the service. The body language experts also bring this to our notice that while talking, the brothers tend to lean towards each other portraying a ‘confidential’ style of conversation. The childhood games are playing their role, are not they?

The Body Language Expert’s Observations

The airing of the interview of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Oprah Winfrey has bought immense rift into the pillars of the royal family. Similarly, the brother’s duo has faced considerable difficulties in their relationship due to the same. But several body language experts and lip readers commented that there isn’t any kind of tension between the brothers when they started talking after the funeral service.

Speech and body language expert, Michael Kelly told 7News that all the tension slid away as the brothers conversed. He further added and we quote, “It seemed like there’s no rancor at all. The brothers could have been walking down a country lane.

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