A new book investigates on the facts If Keanu Were Your Boyfriend?

A new book investigates If Keanu Reeves Were Your Boyfriend?
A new book investigates If Keanu Reeves Were Your Boyfriend?

Keanu Reeves, the famous star once again came into limelight when a book wrote on What if Keanu Reeves were really your boyfriend? The investigations which included the hilarious commentary and illustrations might look good to everybody.

Back Story

Marisa Polansky has written a book on Keanu Reeves, the famous celebrity who is in the news in recent times for a couple of things. The book, If Keanu Were Your Boyfriend: The Man, The Myth, The WHOA! has biographical information along with some illustrated quotes. The art of the book has been done by a couple of artists: author-illustrators has done by Mary Kate McDevitt (Every Day Is Epic) and Jay Roeder (100 Days of Lettering). Along with them, tattoo artist Veronica Chen and art director and mural painter Dirty Bandits (a.k.a. Annica Lydenberg) were also there.

The Story of the Book

A new book investigates on the facts If Keanu Reeves Were Your Boyfriend?

The book has a different spread where each spread has a different artist’s work along with some essence of Keanu wisdom.

The first spread shows us Keanu’s love for food here it was written that his favourite food could be a hot pastrami sandwich with Russian and mustard with a kosher dill pickle. But it should be sliced in quarters along with some chips and a coca-cola on crushed ice.

While this was the first one, the second one was pretty different as it was on his experience and age. He has been in the industry not for one or two years but more than decades. With every passing year, he is becoming more mature as an actor. In the last five years, he has six films featured and there is no sign of stopping.

However, he loves to stay at home and loves nothing more than an ice-cold glass of chocolate milk. He also admitted that he was at home at New Year’s Eve.

On the other hand, he always says to fight for the career. In his decade long career, his films have grossed over $4.9 billion over ticket sales. He produced documentaries, directed films and also co-founded a production.

All these illustrations in the book say why the star can be your boyfriend.

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