6 Unknown Facts That Everyone Missed About The Real Life ‘John Wick’

6 Unknown Facts That Everyone Missed About The Real Life ‘John Wick’
6 Unknown Facts That Everyone Missed About The Real Life ‘John Wick’

Considered to be the apogee of modern-day action films, the John Wick series is reined by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch which is directed by Keanu Reeves’s former stunt double for The Matrix and his partner.

But, some fans and film enthusiasts overlooked several things about John Wick.

1. Keanu Was Absent In Some Scenes

Although Reeves did 90% of the stunts himself, two scenes posed a life-risk for him i.e. getting hit by a car and falling downstairs, for which stunt doubles were used.

2. Reeves’ Back Tattoo Transcended The Fictional Barriers

John has a tattoo on his back spelling something in Latin “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat”, which literally translates to “Fortune Favours the Bold,” hinting at a famous term in literature. But many fans missed the fun fact, that came out flustered by the revelation besides finding its usage mostly on Instagram captions.

3. Keanu Had High Fever While Shooting An Incredibly Acute Scene

During the Director’s cut of John Wick, Keanu had a 103 fever who yet performed one of the most physically demanding and hardest scenes effortlessly, fighting off against experts but not before being injured and beat up heavily.

4. Reeves Challenged A Real Life NBA Player

John Wick has killed guys with horses, pencils and also with a book, facing off the real-life professional NBA player, Serbian 76’er and master assassin, Boban Marjanovic.

5. The Actor Deployed The Ultimate Stratagem

Keanu Reeves had bacon grease spread all over his body to attract his, now-late, dog Daisy to jump on him in bed in the first movie.

The scene, however, proved to be tricky enough before, as the directors faced too many difficulties in getting the perfect reaction from the dog, where the timing was imperative to the scene’ success.

6. Wick Triumphed His Original Age

The original inception of the idea of John Wick relied upon a 60-year-old man lending the effect of experience and originality. But once the directors saw Keanu Reeves, they changed their minds in a heartbeat!

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