Why is Elon Musk Taking a Break From Twitter?

Why is Elon Musk Taking a Break From Twitter?
Why is Elon Musk Taking a Break From Twitter?

Recently, the CEO of Tesla has announced that he’s taking a break from Twitter. Elon Musk hardly stated any specific reason behind his absence. In fact, it’s really shocking to hear such a statement from anyone who resorts to social media most extensively. However, the momentum leads to an open question at this juncture.

Colliding with the trajectory

Following SpaceX’s recent launch of astronauts into orbit for the first time, the declaration has been quiet odd to garner public attention in a suspicious stand. Indeed after such a successful mission, who wants to stay away from the spotlight? Now, if we consider his previous threat to quit the platform, it might have been in his radar for a long time. On the other hand, contrary to his insatiable tweets, the tech billionaire simply conveyed the message to his 35 million followers in an abrupt move. His post which surfaced late on Monday reads, “Off Twitter for a while”– that’s just simple and short without further clarification.

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Throwback to legal action

Traced to the past, Musk’s Twitter handle has landed into several troubles. Like for instance, if we consider his tweets about securing funding for Tesla two years ago, it cost him $20 million as fine from the Securities and Exchange Commission while as part of the sanction, his tweets had to be assessed by an attorney. Yet, a cause can be attributed to such an occurrence.

Is Elon Musk the long-awaited hero just like Iron Man?

What can be the possible clue?

Cut to the present, isn’t it really curious to know the logic behind such a sudden decision? Is it actually indicative of his personal state or all the more hints at a new trick to be played amidst the pandemic? You never know! Also, can it be interpreted as his wish to explore a new way of communication with the people or an utter regret for his former posts that he tagged as “dumb” before? It’s really confusing to come up with an answer immediately.

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