Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant’s Quarantine Schedule Would make their Bond more Strong

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant’s quarantine schedule would make their bond more strong
Keanu Reeves and Alexandra

How many people have been able to find out true loves from their lives? Not many as it counts upon one’s mentality and actions. Sometimes it happens like even after staying with your partner for the long term, things don’t work out when it comes to destiny. Indeed, it’s very common in the contemporary age. Yet, made for each other couples continue to strengthen their connections in today’s reality. It’s not a fairytale although, people do find joy in each other’s way of life. And that’s really a blessing to count for a committed accord like the way Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have turned out being an instance to the dedicated duos. They have reflected at each other’s world going beyond the lovebird’s gravity.

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To the everlasting vow

Recently an insider revealed to Life & Style saying that the pair “spend hours sitting in the garden discussing art” as they continue to isolate amidst the contagion outbreak. The begetter further added, “They enjoy painting together and have created so many stunning pieces of artwork. Keanu is Alexandra’s muse!” Yes, there lies the perpetual appeal of the complementing souls which traversed their amiable associations and professional links to engage in an eternal fate.

The other name is allegiance

The insider went on to elaborate their relationship assuring, “Lockdown will make or break many couples, but with Alexandra and Keanu, it’s made their relationship stronger. They try to get out of the house most days by either taking a walk or going for a ride on his motorbike.” Did your partner ask you for a romantic take off this lockdown?

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Celebrating the season of chumminess

Another source admitted that the pair call Reeves’ mother, Patricia Taylor, “often” via FaceTime and Zoom. In fact, the old lady “adores” the visual artist since their acquaintance who “share a ton in common”, apart from their matched “passion for the arts.”

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Until the inception of COVID-19, reports have stated that the trio used to “meet up for lunch or dinner,” frequently.

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