A Tale Of Trust, Respect And Dedication: Scar-Jost

A Tale Of Trust, Respect And Dedication: Scar-Jost
A Tale Of Trust, Respect And Dedication: Scar-Jost

Scarlett Johansson’s role in the MCU has opened up a whole new world of fandom tracing her journey from being a rom-com, thriller and drama star to a superhero in the eyes of many.

The Outshining Spark

Scarlett and her current fiance, Colin Jost’s relationship has given her fans serious true love vibes.
The duo actually met in 2006 that Johansson hardly remembers but Joe has picked up the date correctly without a single recall.

When Johansson hosted the show for the third time in 2010, she was already close to Colin. While the two co-worked behind the scenes for the show, their cultivated friendship clearly blossomed into the outbound love.

Johansson recalls Jost’s confidence specifically since their commitment which is exuded in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes.

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The Official Disclosure

Ten years later, they finally came out being lovebirds. Their first outing as an official couple went big at a high-end gala in public disclosure who were poised to deliver the romance upfront.
The Lovebirds’ Holiday Scenes

In a clip posted to Instagram, the two went for an idyllic ice skating date during the holidays. However, the couple who are attracted in an overly touchy-feely way towards each other got engaged in May of last year.

A close friend of the two said that they’re not only blissfully in love, but share the same sense of humour, discovering the bright side of things in every situation irrespective of societal conventions.
The gorgeous ring on Johansson’s finger at San Diego Comic-Con has come to be an indication of Jost’s eternal love for the beautiful lady. According to Johansson, Jost’s proposal was very ‘James Bond’.

Now the only thing that is much awaited would be their next official statement on the tentative date of marriage.

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