YouTube to MP4 Converter : Best YouTube to MP4 Converter

YouTube to MP4 Converter : Best YouTube to MP4 Converter
YouTube to MP4 Converter : Best YouTube to MP4 Converter

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most popular platform on the internet in terms of traffic?

Yes, and you can find almost every video on this video hosting platform; either it’s a song, a movie clip, a homemade video, or whatever you are looking for. But the problem arises when you need to download these videos in MP4 format to play them on your cellphone or your car.

Luckily, converting the videos from YouTube to MP4 format and downloading them to your local device is not a problem anymore. There are plenty of online and offline tools to perform this hectic task.

The only problem you may face now is; finding the right YouTube to MP4 converter for this task.

What are the qualities of an ideal YouTube to MP4 converter? Let’s find below.

User-friendly – You should not be a rocket scientist to convert your video. And a user-friendly tool enables you to convert your video within a bunch of simple steps.

High-speed conversion – Well, no one would want to spend hours converting their videos. So, the best converter should be able to perform the operation efficiently.

Free – Yes, why pay money for converting the videos which are free to watch on YouTube. So, a free YouTube to MP4 converter should be the first preference.

Online – It’s really a headache to download and install such tools on your device or desktop systems. Moreover, the downloadable tools may also have bugs which can directly affect your PC, mobile device, or operating system. Therefore, online YouTube to MP4 Converter is the best.

No sign-ups – There are a plethora of applications that require signups to use their free tools. And guess what, your personal data can be manipulated for several purposes, or may also be sold out to third parties. So, you should go for a tool that doesn’t ask for your email or any other personal info.

Extra features – A tool that is functional for other video hosting mediums like Facebook and Vimeo. Moreover, it may have a feature to download a video in a format other than MP4.

These are some common features that you may look for when deciding an MP4 converter for you.

And, if you are looking for the best YouTube to MP4 converter and downloader, you have just landed to the right place. Because our experts have recently performed detailed research to find the best YouTube to MP4 converter.

Wondering which tool?

We are talking about– an online YouTube to MP4 and MP3 Downloader. It is online, fast, easy to use, and completely free. The best part of is that you don’t need to register on the website to convert and download videos.

Bonus: It supports multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and Youku, etc.

Another bonus: You can convert and download the videos in several popular formats such as MP4, M4V, WMV, 3GP, FLV, and MP3.

How to convert and download videos using YouTube to MP4 converter?

Well, its super-simple and you can convert/download your videos in no more than 3 easy steps. The steps are:

1: Copy the URL of the video you want to convert and download.

2: Open the URL Paste the link into the search bar on homepage and click Start.

3: Soon after you click the Start button, the download link will appear. You can click on your desired format and resolution, and download the video.

Wasn’t that super-easy?

Wait! Are you looking for something super easy and quick? That’s available even! The y2mate development team has developed another masterpiece, which allows you to convert and download YouTube videos quickly.

Simply, add “pp” before the word ‘YouTube’ in any video’s URL just like the screenshot below and you’ll instantly be redirected to the site where you can download the converted videos in a single click.

Final words:

Y2mate is the best recommended YouTube to MP4 downloader online that is free, fast, and offers you unlimited video downloads without any weird requirements. All you have to do is- copy/paste your desired video’s link into the website and convert/download it on your devices just like a boss.

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