Will Johnny Depp’s Stint in Hollywood Eventually Meet it’s End?

Will Johnny Depp’s Stint in Hollywood Eventually Meet it's End?
Will Johnny Depp’s Stint in Hollywood Eventually Meet it's End?

Johnny Depp has been one of the ever admired celebrities across the globe, who ranked among the top 10 highest-grossing film stars regardless of the time. His movies have earned more than $10 billion at the worldwide box office during his three decades in the Hollywood industry. Ten years back, Depp got awarded as the highest-paid actor in the big screen, who alone fetched an amount of $75 million. At that juncture, Forbes reported, “His ability to almost guarantee a big box office…means studios are willing to pay whatever it takes to get a bit of the Depp magic.”

Through the past

Cut to the present, one of the most prominent questions about his real nature raises doubt about whether the obscene charges from the libel trial would force a downgrade of the actor’s multi-million dollar brand.

Amber Heard Privately Presented ‘Horrific’ Claims against Johnny Depp

If we go back to the early ’90s, Depp faced arrest for vandalizing a hotel room where he was staying with his then-girlfriend, model Kate Moss. But unfortunately, the bad boy appeal which then came to be considered as a selling point of his personality has dictated a new shade in his character over the period.

Amber Heard is Accused of Lying ‘About Johnny Depp Abuse’ and Creating Wounds ‘with Make-Up’

What’s on the mandate?

Meanwhile, high-profile attorney and women’s rights activist, Gloria Allred have come to address the context saying, “It’s obviously damaging to him, but how damaging is the question. I’m not going to speculate his motives for suing The Sun, but whether or not the court finds in his favour, he’s disputing a very serious allegation.”

Johnny Depp Accuses LDC of having an Affair with Amber Heard

But why did a legend like Depp opt for a lawsuit in recent times? According to legal experts, while the proceedings might contribute to the chaos, it also poses a possibility to clear his name.

With a different objective

Jennifer Ko Craft, an entertainment attorney at Dickinson Wright in Las Vegas, who has extensively served high-profile stars voiced her opinion explaining, “With most celebrity clients, everything is very personal because it’s their own name that’s being publicized and it’s their own personal brand, so they feel very invested. I’m not saying what they wrote about him is true or not, but perhaps he thinks there is enough doubt that he can bring about in court to be vindicated. He maybe thinks he needs a forum to challenge what is being said about him, and this is a forum for him to be able to tell his side of the story, so that could be a motive…Even if he doesn’t prevail, there could be enough questions that he put out there in the public for him to start restoring his brand.”

Johnny Depp Revealed a Shocking Incidence in Front of the Legal Body on Third Day of Libel Case

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