Why You Must Watch Keanu Reeves Calling Out the ‘Constantine’ Cast and Crew?

Keanu Reeves Shouting out the ‘Constantine’ Cast and Crew?
Keanu Reeves Shouting out the ‘Constantine’ Cast and Crew?

What are the 5 good things that would remain in your memories forever? Just to remind you, don’t forget to incorporate the moment of “ Keanu Reeves giving the most energetic and loving shout-outs to the Constantine cast and crew” to your list! Because Reeves’ position continues to be incomparable irrespective of the time.

Energizing the panel

The star appeared twice during the recent Comic-Con@Home virtual who also took over the weekend. His first appearance came with Collider’s “Constantine: 15th Anniversary Reunion” panel alongside director Francis Lawrence and writer Akiva Goldsman, who later turned up on the Bill & Ted Face the Music panel.

Being meek

If we try to recall one of the best scenes about Reeves’ participation in the Constantine panel, it directs to his deep love for the fellow cast as well as crew members. The specialty of the chat was Reeves recollecting bits of moments from the days of shooting that came as ceaseless sources of exhilaration. To state further, he also re-enacted some of those moments during the interaction, thus depicting how finely the experience of filming the movie has got impressed in his mind.

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Equalling every member

And that takes us to moments when Reeves shouted out his scene with Peter Stormare, or mimicked Tilda Swinton(Gabriel) as she leaned over Constantine saying, “Hello John.” He didn’t forget to give call-outs to Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Djimon Hounsou, cinematographer Philippe Rousselot, camera operator Mark La Bonge, and co-producer Josh McLaglen. Indeed, the fact came out evident when the legend showered praise on everyone from the team.

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Meanwhile, several realities about the 2005 feature’s production and release accompanied to the forefront during the session, that highlighted the reason behind it being dozed with an R-rating and how the catchy post-credits scene made its way. Yes, that was a true joy amidst the pandemic!

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