Why the Family Show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is Ending?

Why the Family Show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is Ending?
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The 14-year-old, long-running family show is near to its end. Kim Kardashian took to Instagram announcing that the family television show is about to end, which had 20 seasons. Though she did not provide any reason for the decision made. The fans are in shock after this announcement. After all, it had so many followers and viewers.

The reason behind the closing of the production

Sources have spoken to Entertainment Tonight and have clearly stated that there was no drama. Also, they had no specific reason to end the show. It was indeed a mutual decision. An insider has expressed that the time the show started with the kids have their kids now, and they are barely able to manage time and maintain it any further, so it had to end anyway. The show had 20 seasons that have beautiful memories captured and are etched to their heart, but now they want to focus on their personal lives and family and upcoming projects.

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The sources have stated that shows do not make sense without drama. KUWTK had to stop somewhere after Kourtney Kardashian parted away from the production, along with her Kim also made things clear saying that her personal life is getting overlooked. So, this gives an image that the show will end soon after airing one last season in 2021. The last part of the season has been filmed in the quarantine times and happens to be the 21st season of the family-run television show.

Kim addressing fans               

Being a part of the family television show from the last 14 years becomes very grave to put an end to it. Kim has addressed the fans saying that KUWTK is what made her, without this, she would not have any identity of her own. So it is undoubtedly is difficult for her to announce that the show is coming to an end. She is also thankful to her fans that made her what she is today watching the show. The fans have her gratitude. Along with Kim, Khloe also has twitted that the emotions are overloaded and she expressed that changes are tough but sometimes they are much needed.

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Kim also has expressed that she will forever in debt and thankful to the fans. The viewers and fans have played a role in shaping her career and change her life.

Was the show a Game Changer or a Trash?

CNN has recorded a statement the E! that says, that show has been a privilege for them but they will be missing the show wholeheartedly. E! has also expressed their respect for the decision of the family.

Actress and singer Kat McPhee twitted congratulating on the long run of the family-run show, and that it has been a game-changer. On the other hand, a twitter handle name Jennifer has twitted saying that she will be happy to see the famous family back, but the show has been a miracle because it was trash and survived on the television for 14 years. She also expressed that private matters should have remained private not brought out through television shows.

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Is the last season coming?

Before calling it an end, Kim has announced that there remains the last season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The last season will be aired in early 2021. During the coronavirus lockdown, the last season was filmed, and this would be a curtain call for the show.

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