Why Chris Evans Failed to bag his role in Seth Rogen?

Why Chris Evans Failed to bag his role in Seth Rogen?
Why Chris Evans Failed to bag his role in Seth Rogen?

While you might think that legends are never caught in an unnerving situation, this piece of information will make you go awry at the detailed experience. Well, the incident happened in the life of the ever admired star Chris Evans! Yes, I’m not at all kidding. The actor who has successfully projected his acting stint in several genres over the past one-and-a-half-year came to disclose one of the horrible auditions that embarrassed him to an utmost extent.

Heading towards the first scenario

In an interview with Backstage, Chris recollected the moment as he went to audition for Seth Rogen. He explained, “I walked in the room, and there were Seth and the director and a producer, and for some reason, my brain just started shrieking, just screaming, “No, no, no.” I began my audition, and about three lines in, I got this wave of sweats and my face went red. Mid-audition, I said, “I’m sorry, guys. I’m sorry. I’ve got to stop.”” The story doesn’t get over here.

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Another massacre

During that time, the actor tried to reconcile and eventually returned to give himself a second chance. But his hope, unfortunately, betrayed him once again at the spot. Evans reflected on his experience saying, “I go into the hallway, I collect my thoughts. I’m laughing at myself. Go back in, we start up again, and it f**king happens again. My face just goes so red. I start sweating and I have to stop again.”

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The utter defeat

Something more happened on the day. As the audition ended in a negative note, he requested for a third shot. While the team asked him to appear for the role “a couple of days later”, his luck simply failed to carve the final spirit. Evans laughed at his own fate revealing, ” There’s a wave of heat and sweat and I had to stop again. And I just say, “Guys, I’m so sorry…I’m just going to go.” I did not get that role”. Although unanticipated, we can’t just deny the reality!

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