Why #BroomChallenge Is A Sudden Trend On Internet?

Why #BroomChallenge Is A Sudden Trend On Internet?
Image Source: Lou Dobbs/ Twitter

The Broom Challenge has been trending on social media for quite some time now. The videos of people standing up brooms and walking away, leaving them upright is all over the internet.

The Story

What’s the broom challenge and why is it a sudden trend on the internet? Apparently Nasa announced that on February 10 people stand up a broom because of the earth’s gravitation pull. There is some planetary alignment which is causing the same. Twitter people took up this as a challenge and started posting their video with the hashtag #broomchallenge.

Here is a secret. Actually, a lot of secrets! First of all, NASA never made any such claim but secondly, one can stand up a broom on its own (depending on the broom) any time of year. But social media is all about trending posts. Nobody cares to check whether it is a true story or just fake news having a good buzz. So these truths did not stop people from attempting the challenge. They kept on posting videos and photos to declare how they completed it successfully. All what they basically did was balancing the broom and tried to confirm the false claim. But actually this could be done anytime anywhere. Lou Dobbs declared the same on his feed with a picture saying, “Try this at home! And it has nothing to do with planetary alignment or full moon!”

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Broom Challenge On Twitter

The broom-happy masses as mentioned already did not care much and kept following the trend. Some attempted the challenge and asked others to join as well, “Ok Twitter today is only day your broom will stand on its own according to NASA. Post your broom pics. 🧹 #broomchallenge”. Even celebrities were not away from attempting it.


Jim Vasil wrote with a picture of his broom, “There’s word on the internet tonight that you can balance your broom because of the earth’s gravitational pull… … who knows if it’s true or if I’m gullible… but it worked and I’m very creeped out. #broomchallenge”.

Tim Akimoff wished, “Now if the damn thing would just start sweeping by itself. That would be really impressive. #broomchallenge”

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