When Lady Gaga Accidentally Scratched on Ariana Grande’s Face

When Lady Gaga Accidentally Scratched on Ariana Grande's Face
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Lady Gaga scratched on Ariana Grande‘s eyes while they were having a rehearsal for their new music video “Rain on me”. Ariana smiled at it and called it an honour. She stated that she would feel glad and honoured if it left a scar on her face.

Grande was excited about the music video

Lady Gaga, 34, and Ariana Grande, 27, have collaborated recently in a pop music video named “Rain on Me” from Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Chromatica’. Apart from the star duo, Nija Charles, Rami Yacoub, Tchami, Boys Noize are shining there in the list of lyricists. Bloodpop and Burns collaborated there to produce the video. The synth-disco bit and funk guitars created a special impression there among the audiences for the song. This song is created by keeping frustrations of the daily life of the human being. Gaga called it “The celebration of tears.” For Grande, it was her first-time collaboration with Bloodpop and Burns which boosted up her excitement and enthusiasm to another level.

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Gaga took care of Grande

While the duo was rehearsing for the video, accidentally Gaga made a scratch on Grande’s face as Gaga was wearing artificial nails. She accidentally scratches her eye while dancing. It made Grande injured and she fell on the floor. The crew and Gaga herself ran to her to look after her. Later on, Gaga took constant care of Grande, put ointment on her eyes and they almost fought as Grande was scared to put ointment on her eyes. Gaga apologized to Princess Grande, although Grande smiled back and mentioned that it would be an honour for her if it could leave some scar on her face. Grande also talked about the truly generous spirit of Gaga. The duo made a new bond and chemistry between them.

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